A-List NY Coverage: Sophmore Jinx?

As this season of the A-List comes to an end, it doesn’t go out without a bang. It ends off with a few cliff hangers. Friendships are ending, relationships are put into question and one A-lister proposes a very important question that could change the course of the show completely.

The pinkie swears from last week still stands and no one is going to Austin’s party. Rodiney seems to think that history will repeat itself and Reichen will keep on the kid gloves and not tell Austin how wrong he was for his treatment of them last year. According to Sigmund Freud, Austin’s animosity toward Reichen and Rodiney would be a textbook case of reaction formation. Austin’s relationship was not that great so in order take the spotlight off of him, he then put it on Reichen’s relationship. Nyasha is no stranger to the spotlight.

The gang is in Atlantic City to support Nyasha in her US debut. No one told Austin that Nyasha was performing in the same place that he was having his party. Her performance was really good. She can dance, sing and keep the audience asking for more.

Mike proposes marriage to Martin and Martin accepted. After one year of driving down the dating highway, hopefully they will not quickly drive into a brick wall of reject and remorse. Maybe they are planning on having a long engagement. Reichen and Ryan participate in another type of engagement.

Reichen and Ryan confront Austin about rumors that have been circulating about him and why they are not attending his party weekend. Right off the bat, Austin denies that he cheated but revealed that Jake has cheated on him in the past. Rather than face Jake about his infidelities, Austin decides that it is better to ignore his faults and have a cheating husband than no husband at all.

After an eventful season of twists and turns, time will tell if these broken relationships can be mended and last in the upcoming seasons. Wendy Williams will be, once again, hosting the A-List: New York reunion special which airs on Monday, October 10th at 10 PM.

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