‘Breaking Bad’ Coverage: A Season Finale Worth Remembering

It is fair to say that the season four finale of “Breaking Bad” ended with a bang.

“Face Off” kept the audience on the edge of their seat in anticipation of what will happen next and how this season will end. Overall, this was a solid episode. This entire season was an intense roller coaster ride. The subplots developed well and were wrapped up.

The only concern is how this finale will set up for next summer’s fifth and final season.

There is one question that is still out there though. What happened to Mike, Gustavo’s right-hand man? Last time, he was seen was in a hospital in Mexico ready to get treated by the doctors. The question remains, maybe he will play a major key in next season’s main story? Only time will tell. Also, is Tyrus dead? His calm and cool persona always keeps you guessing, although he seems smooth, he is also smart and swift. Maybe he will make a shocking return next season.

After Walt’s failed attempt to take out Gus, he turns to unlikely Ally to get help. Jessie gets questioned by two detectives about poisoning his girlfriend’s little brother Brock, but in the episode’s final scene, it is discovered who was responsible all along. It will shock you. As the episode goes on Walt is fighting time to come up with a plan take out Gus, and when he does he gets help from no other than Hector. The entire season, Walt was outsmarted by Gus. Every move he made, Gus was always one step ahead. In this episode, Walt is the genius who outsmarts not only Gus, but his fellow workers as well.

While Hector requests a meeting to see Hank, Gus finds out and thinks Hector will rat him out. That however is not the case. After a visit from Gus who intends to kill Hector an unexpected incident takes place which was probably one of the best scenes that took throughout the entire series thus far.

In the end Walt gets the job done. His family is safe after being threatened to be killed by Gus and now Walt breathes a sigh of relief as he tells his wife in a relaxed tone, “I won.” Indeed he did win, because this entire season was like a chess match. Every move Walt made Gus would counter and they would continue to go back and forth until there was a victor.

Throughout this season, Walt reached his lowest points. He was basically a down and out and a man who was finished. But when all was said and done ,the audience sees Walt like did from the very beginning, a genius. To see him finally get the best of Gus was absolute redemption for him.

It was also one of the best moments in the series thus far.

Overall, this episode was a perfect climax to a season. It showed you why it is the best and smartest show on television. It will definitely keep fans excited until next summer when the final season of “Breaking Bad” hits. Let the anticipation begin.

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