Review Fix 2011 New York Comic Con Coverage: ‘New-Gen: New Dawn’ Review: Surprisingly Solid

It is fair to say that when reading through the first few pages of the first issue of “New-Gen New Dawn,” you’ll get easily bored.

The story begins slowly, while the main characters are introduced at a snail-like pace. The leading toward the core of the story is a bit of a drag too. However, when you the heart of it all, the story becomes much more intense and it’s impossible not to get interested. Because of this, “New-Gen New Era”erases it’s mediocre start and becomes a fantastic comic, one with plenty of promise and excitement.

The writing is solid, the art work is stellar and the level of interest the story induces will have comic book fans wanting more. Ultimately, you can’t really ask for in a debut comic.

The story follows young Lord Gabriam, who has tremendous ability and power in which he seeks to use to his advantage. He is cruel, cocky and extremely stubborn. While his father tries to give him advice on how not to abuse his power and conduct himself in an orderly manner, Gabriam simply doesn’t not listen.

Meanwhile, the villains see how the brat is behaving and plan to take advantage. The problem is not with Lord Gabriam specifically, but in the end he will be affected tremendously. Lord Gabriam doesn’t help matters and throughout the comic, continues to be a hated character. His arrogance will simply keep readers on edge. What will happen to him? The climax to this first issue is what makes this comic so great, because it is an indication of how the remaining issues will be like.

Revenge will definitely be an option for sure.

We can’t wait.

Overall, this comic was a great read and will leave you wanting more. The story develops well and gets better as you read along. Not many comics have the ability to start off slowly, then pick up in a flash, to eventually leave you in awe. J.D. Matonti and Aboul H. Rashid do a tremendous job of creating a story that comic fans will love. The setup is absolutely perfect. Enough said.

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  1. I really enjoyed the first issue and I’ll have to agree that it starts really slow. I’m also glad I got my copy signed by H. Rashid at comic con.

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