Review Fix 2011 Comic Con Coverage: Video Game Round-Up

The video games were huge at this year’s New York Comic Con. People stood in lines for hours just to witness them. Companies like Capcom, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Rockstar among many others made appearances at the show, which ultimately turned out to be one of the most impressive in the history of the Con.

Here are the list of games that stood out.

Trails 2: There are explosions and natural disasters in the game that will try to startle the player to screw up.This is a new feature. The success to failure ratio of completing a level is unforgiving,at some points if you are stuck for a long time, you won’t give up until you complete it. This can go to the point were you wont get any pleasure out of it. However its a blast to play. Overall, from what was shown at the Xbox 360 booth, this looks like it will be a fun game.

Mass Effect 3: ME3 has a better flow to it than ME2. There was no glitches, the game was running at a higher frame rate and it is visually stunning. In ME2, jumping in and out of cover was clunky and the number of glitches was staggering. In ME3, the character animations were more fluid. With Commander Shepard was Liara and Garus, you had to defeat the enemies which got harder as you progressed. Each character had one ability to use. There is a strategical factor, which comes into play with the abilities. They take longer to recharge. Original abilities return in this game with an upgrade to them. The warp ability makes a mini black hole which sucks up enemies. Mass Effect 3 looks really sharp, there was no frame rate hitches or mishaps whatsoever.

Darkness 2: This was a violent, yet fun experience. In the demonstration, there were parts where the character had flashbacks. For instance, while in a familiar street or hallway, someone the character knows will show up and the slowly fade away into the darkness This was an occurrence in the first Darkness game.The number of animations have been increased especially with the demon tentacles Sometimes you will see the tentacles rip a guy in half from the legs or one will wrap around the enemy and the other will rip his heart out like a dart. This topped the gore factor of its predecessor.

GTA III-iPad: This is the full game which will be ported over to the iPad and several mobile devices. The controls of GTA 3 on iPad are similar to the controller layout of the original. The joystick will show up on the screen once you’ve touched it and there are action buttons as well. Whats interesting is in the options menu, you can change the location of the joystick to a position you prefer. You want the joystick at the top, its at the top, want it in the middle, its there. It was shocking to see that there was not even one frame rate hitch. Squeezing in such a big game into a tablet without a negative results in the frame rate is remarkable on Rockstar’s part.

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