Review Fix 2011 New York Comic Con Coverage: Sunrise Inc Panel

Sunrise Inc held their very first ever panel at this year’s New York Comic Con to a large and enthused fanbase. Masayuki Ozaki, executive producer of Tiger and Bunny, lead the panel in front of an audience of fans from both the US and Japan. The panel was also in both English and Japanese.

To start the panel, Ozaki asked the audience which Sunrise series they like and the crowd went wild throwing out names; Tiger and Bunny seemed to be the most popular.

Sunrise showed off a 20-minute trailer where they showed off some of their biggest titles such as a history of Gundam; Tiger and Bunny; Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God being released in America and Sacred Seven coming to America soon.

They also announced new anime, such as  Alteration, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, all of which have no set US release date, although Horizon is being simulcast here in the US. They also showed a very brief trailer for a Accelerated World, a new title that is still in the works with no release date either.

Ozaki then asked what people thought of the characters looking younger in the new series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE than they do in the older Gundam series. Overwhelmingly people said they didn’t care much for it. Ozaki said the Japanese said the same thing, but, he added, once people saw the show they said “it works.”

He also asked “what’s your favorite Gundam?” One again, lots of answers, mostly saying Gundam G. One guy even said “all of them.”

Voice actress Stephanie Sheh and director Michael Sinterniklaas made a surprise appearance to the panel as well. They were hiding while the twenty-minute trailer was playing. All who were at the Bandai panel were excited to see them again. They spoke once again about, what else, Gundam UC. Once again Michael stole the show with his wit.

Not bad for their first time doing a panel at Comic Con. It would’ve been better if they showed more, but the reappearance of Sheh and Sinterniklaas was a plus.

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