Too Real to Be Funny, But It Is

Susan-Kate Heaney speaks to mops. They are her friends.

She’s an NYU graduate, with a blossoming acting career. She just married the man of her dreams too.

Wait a second. Susan-Kate Heaney speaks to mops? They are her friends?

Yes, she does and yes, they are.

A true to life one-woman show based on her love and friendships with over 30 mops and the effect they’ve had on her, Heaney’s show is 100 percent original. Well-written and pop-culturally sound [the Boyz II Men and Little Mermaid segments are both hilarious], there isn’t another show like this in New York City.

It manages to be consistently wacky, yet remarkably heartfelt- a coming of age story that delivers in ways that you don’t expect it to.

It all starts from her first encounter with a stick-figured, tangle-haired cleaning device and ends where she is now, a good actor who’s comfortable with herself and where her life is going. Although you’ll find yourself laughing at most of her situations, you’ll pull for her. Through a child-like innocence and a warm smile, she makes herself instantly likeable. Sure, she’s weird. She might even be a little crazy. But through it all, she’s funny and passionate on stage.

It may be ultimately difficult to see her in another role after this, but with a wide range of accents and plenty of charisma, it’s impossible to not get hooked on this show and be optimistic of what her future holds in theatre and film.

Aside from the overall fun that comes from Heaney’s performance, the addition of footage from her friends, family and in-laws, who describe Heaney and her obsession, make the show something more. To see Heaney on stage, in discussion about this, in front of people, can’t be easy for her. However, while this is based on reality, it’s obvious Heaney has fun while she’s on stage. That passion immediately resonates with the crowd and like her, it’s difficult to wipe the smile off your face during the performance.

After the 75-minute performance [which is paced excellently and absolutely flies by], Heaney held a charming Q & A session that opened up the floodgates. Many of the questions were cute, but the elderly crowd was a bit harsh. Among a few zingers, they asked, “Do you have any real friends” and “Were you lonely as a child”?

While this would have made any average Joe shed a tear, Heaney never lost her smile.

You won’t either.

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