A Girl With Fangs

High school sucks when you’re a girl. Unless you were captain of the cheerleading squad, dated the quarterback, won prom queen and was named valedictorian at graduation, this is a burning truth. And I doubt any of us had the time for that. We were too busy trying to be normal and maintain friendships with people we would never speak to ever again. Take that experience and add being a vampire to it, and the result is bound to be an interesting one.

Dark Horse Comics’ “House of the Night” is the story of Zoey Redbird, a normal girl once upon a time. But, at sixteen instead of dealing with the stresses of her “Sweet 16” guest list, she was approached by Nyx, the vampire goddess and marked as one of her own. Since then Zoey’s teenage girl situation is turned up to 11. She enrolls in “The House of The Night,” a school for those just like her.

Zoey tries her best to remain unseen but that doesn’t exactly workout. Her main enemy is Aphrodite, a girl who is bitter that she is no longer the leader of “The Dark Daughters”. Now that this title has been transferred to Zoey, Aphrodite is out to make her as uncomfortable as possible. Aphrodite is basically Regina George (of Mean Girls) with sharp teeth. She’s rude, a bully and we love to hate her. It is clear that Zoey’s friends are not fond of Aphrodite and her “Hags from Hell”, so they push Zoey, who is reluctant, to remain the leader of “The Dark Daughters.” Although she’s not sure how to approach her new found responsibilities, Nyx promises to help her, though it will not be easy.

All and all, “House of the Night” is a great read, especially for all of us girl geeks out there. Even though her setting may differ from ours, we have been in the same situation as Zoey at some point in our lives. Just trying to get by.

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