Hung Coverage: Balls to the Floor

Episode Commentary: “Money on the Floor”

For the first time in the series’ history, “Hung” ended with an “Oh my God” moment.

It’s another reason why this was the best episode of the season and why season three, thus far, has been an orgiastic fun-fest.

It appears just minutes after having a conversation with Charlie [Lennie James] about expanding his client base and sleeping with men, we find out that Ray’s newest client, the one he’s receiving oral sex from, is indeed, a dude.

The way it was all set up, with Lenore [Rebecca Creskoff] approaching Tanya’s [Jane Adams] car, was brilliant. Creskoff’s character remains the most entertaining of the group and just when you think the writers have limited her role, she goes and churns her little cauldron of sexy naughtiness. Her influence on these characters should never be understated. In a few minutes of screen time, she is able to steal the show once again.

The same thing goes for James’ character, Charlie. Gaining influence with Tanya, his role is ever expanding. Smart, charismatic and the most logical of the bunch, he’d be a perfect fit to work with Lenore. For the most part, they are the only people that want to make any money. At this point in the series, who knows what could happen. An agreement between these two seems like impossibility, but then again, this is a show about a middle-aged gigolo. Anything can happen. That’s why we watch.

While the performances of Creskoff and James and the plot development were noteworthy, the shot selection and general cinematography was what made this episode stand out so much. It was incredibly playing and passionate, with great tones and balance; as a result, the episode flowed to each scene change. The desperation of Jessica’s [Anne Heche] character and the childlike innocent of her children in Ray’s backyard were all beautifully captured. The shot selection in Ray’s Mile-High Club adventure was also incredibly sexy. For a second, the camera trolls down towards Ray and his partner’s no-no parts, but surreptitiously sneaks its way back up.

This episode, like Ray’s upcoming experience with Kyla, was a complete surprise. But unlike the feelings Ray is sure to harbor following the revealing of Kyla’s gonads, it was a pleasant one.

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