Mother Mary?

Clark Kent. Bruce Wayne. Logan. Without much in depth research we know who these characters are, who they associate with and who the “really” are. We all know Clark Kent is Superman, and Lois Lane is his love interest. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is practically messing with science. In 2003, Mark Miller did just that.

Sort of.

With the help of Terry and Rachel Dobson, Miller throws us for a loop with “Trouble.” The story of best friends Mary and May, and their trip to the Hamptons for the summer, things get interesting quickly. Vowed to have a no holds barred time, the girls pass the time working at a conservative resort that has strict rules against co-ed fraternizing. Too bad brothers Richie and Ben are at the very same resort with equal intentions.

Cue teenage fun.

If you haven’t caught on by now these adolescents share the same name with our beloved Peter Parker’s family. Mary and Richie are the names of Peter’s parents and everyone is more than familiar with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. So you can imagine how much upset devoted Marvel readers were when Miller suggests otherwise. Done subtlety and tasteful after reading “Trouble,” you are questioning all you know about the comic book world.

“Trouble” is a great story with equally great art work. Giving a nod to classic romance comics with a modern flair, it is colorful, sharp and full of the life that the characters exude. It is a fun play on the definitive ideas we already have on those that save the day. Going in the direction that Frank Miller took Batman with The Dark Knight Returns, we can hope that this is not the end of the “comic book remix.”

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