Review Fix Exclusive: Interview with Aksys Games Co-Founder Alex Neuse

Review Fix chats with Alex Neuse, one of the minds behind Aksys Games’ newest title, “Runner2,” who speaks about the game’s development and its overall goals.

Review Fix: How is this game different from the other games in the series?

Alex Neuse: Runner2 is completely HD, has a fresh new sound style, and gives players more of what they loved about BIT.TRIP RUNNER and less of what they didn’t love. It’s a side story, and while it’s still in the BIT.TRIP canon, it doesn’t contribute to the primary storyline.

Review Fix: All of these games are founded on simple controls and immense difficulty, how will this one stack up?

Neuse: If you played BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Runner2 will seem very familiar.  It has all the same signature moves as the first game, as well as tons of new surprises.  But we are not making the core controls any more complex.  Since RUNNER’s control scheme was so tightly dialed, we ain’t messing with a good thing.

Review Fix: I know the development process has just begun for this title, but how is it going so far?

Neuse: So far, development is going very well.  We’re deep into the prototyping phase, and things are starting to look like fun, which is always an exciting moment on any game.

Review Fix: Can you discuss the new gameplay additions in this title?

Neuse: We aren’t ready to reveal too many new additions at this time, but we will be rolling out bi-weekly nuggets of gold on our development blog at, so keep watching.

Review Fix: Can you tell us about some of the new features?

Neuse: Some of the new features which we’ve already let slip are that there will be:
– 10+ new abilities for CommanderVideo
– Multiple playable characters
– New difficulty modes and checkpoints
– New costumes for our hero

Review Fix: The games in this series have a die-hard fan base that are constantly looking for improvements and new content. How do you feel this game will be remembered next year at this time?

Neuse: Next year, at this time, I hope this game is remembered for being the ultimate side-scrolling rhythm game ever made.

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