‘Twisted Dark’ Volume II Review: Embracing the Darkness Within

The second volume of “Twisted Dark,” is a graphic novel with a title that says it all. Created by the diverse mind of Neil Gibson, “Twisted Dark” is filled with a series of stories, each with their own unique twist and an ending that is always what you least expect it to be. With vivid and descriptive images to accompany the tale of each story, this graphic novel is one that aims to please.

Like the first set of tales, Volume II is all about venturing into the deep depths of reality as Gibson pursues the dark side of human nature. From seduction, to lies, to cold-hearted murder, he provides everything that would leave you wanting more of his creative works.

One story, “Smile…” is based upon a young woman who’s once perfect life plummets into the deep depths of despair as she comes to realize that the man she once loved and lived for had tricked her from the very beginning. This leads her to a truly shocking end. This story essentially reflects the overall flavor of the book. From beginning to end, “Twisted Dark” will have your heart racing with anticipation. You’ll wonder what would happen next in each story.

Artwork by various artists such as Atula Siriwardane will bring out the emotions of the characters that carry each story along, creating an in-depth experience for readers. Each character’s struggle can be envisioned with each image as their faces contort into a mold of despair, while others smile deviously with their dark plot on the verge of succession. Each image in the graphic novel paints a morbid image of another side of society.

The dialogue within the short stories fare well-paced and allow you to admire each image and grasp a deeper meaning for the characters and their struggles. Within each story, dialogue is written in a different style, preserving the life of the graphic novel as you enter a new and diverse world of vice and a struggle between life and death. Taking place in a police station or a dying painter’s work space, each character has a story to tell and the way they describe their pain is as realistic as the accompanying images convey them to be.

Ultimately, the latest addition of the “Twisted Dark” series focuses on people who are forced to face a fate of misfortune compiles darkness in a modern form. From the detailed front cover, plagued with the sinister title in a deep shade of red that closely resembles blood, Gibson breaks out with a bold new chapter in his ominous set of tales.

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