‘First Squad: The Moment of Truth’ Review: More Than ‘The Matrix’

Filled with an incredibly intelligent story line, exquisite graphics, and phenomenal action, “First Squad: The Moment of Truth” is unique because it displays plenty twists and turns that will keep the audience intrigued throughout. While this film has several glimpses of “The Matrix,” in terms of a premise, it is enough to keep you interested and excited as to what will unfold, and what will happen next. It is a guarantee that there are no disappointments here.

“First Squad” takes us on a ravishing journey full of great action sequences that at times, are realistic, but fit into a nice anime formula. The German offensive into Russia has stalled and fierce fighting is taking a deadly toll on both sides. In a last, desperate attempt to regain control, the German army turns to their elite forces in a bid to raise the spirits of their dead ancestors to fight on their behalf. Their regular forces helpless against these supernatural warriors. The Red Army’s only hope is a teenage girl named Nadya, who is psychic and must cross the gulf into the underworld and recruit the souls of her dead friends, the pioneers of the First Squad, to fight on Russia’s behalf. Nadya’s time travel to a world of the dead makes this story much more interesting.

As we experience Nadya’s adventure, the action that takes place is so realistic that it feels like we are in the actual film. There are several scenes that are put together extremely well that you would think you are watching a live action movie. There are instances throughout that will have you jump. Several unexpected plot lines quickly grab your attention and make it easy to applaud the direction the film ultimately goes in. Anime films usually try to do too much with their plot line, but “First Squad manages to tow the line quick nicely. Although there were instances where to story goes in several different directions and you get lost for a few seconds, the story quickly goes back into place and is focused and on track the rest of the way through.

Not only will this film be an absolute treat for the advent Anime fan, it will provide plenty of fun as well. The slow motion action sequences that are provided in many anime films aren’t nearly as prevalent here- the action scenes are fast-paced and as close to what you’d likely see in a real film. It’s works perfectly in with the whole motif of this film, with its beautiful, yet realistic shot selection and great story.

Overall, “First Squad” is an excellent Anime. The storyline is solid from the beginning to end. It’s too easy to get zoned in and lost into a world filled with an intense escape.

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