If TNA Had Slammy Awards

Sure, TNA has their own awards, but when was the last time anyone wrote about those? While the Slammy’s themselves are a joke, it’s always fun to look back on another year of wrestling. Without any further adieu, here are Review Fix’s TNA Slammy Award winners.

OMG Moment of the Year: James Storm’s sudden capturing of the World Title was a shock that could have gotten TNA a lot more buzz than it did. It’s too bad no one remember his reign now.

Holy %&@*#! Moment of the Year: When Fourtune turned on Immortal earlier in the year, it felt like TNA was ready to turn the corner. That wasn’t happened yet, but at that moment, it was easily one of the best of the year.

Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That” Moment of the Year: Jeff Hardy’s drug induced match with Sting may win this award next year and the year after that. It was one of the most appalling scenes in wrestling history.

Pipe Bomb of the Year: TNA has good promos? Could have fooled me. If it had to go to someone, it would have to be Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray, as they are the only TNA stars with any real pizazz on the stick.

Divalicious Moment of the Year: The TNA Knockouts are better athletes and are definitely sexier than the WWE Divas and while it’s hard to top Kharma’s appearance on Raw, Velvet Sky’s short reign as Knockouts title is worthy of this award. While she still has a ways to go as far as her in- ring ability, she continues to get better every week. Her ability on the mic and “pigeon” factor make us love her even more.

Trending Superstar of the Year: Fans on Twitter have yearned for creative to let Eric Young wrestle all year. The guy can be funny at times, but is one of the best workers in the company. He can be so much more than a Santino Marella clone.

Game Changer of the Year: When TNA lost Kevin Nash and Booker T, it put a complete end to what was supposed to be a major storyline. While the company is better off without them, the effect it had on the company originally was huge.

A-Lister of the Year: TNA doesn’t get A-listers. Never thought in a million lifetimes I’d see Scott Baio on Impact though.

Superstar of the Year: Hard to say considering the litany of title changes this year. TNA hasn’t let anyone have the ball long enough to run with it. AJ Styles wins this award nearly every year, so why doesn’t he just hold on to it again? If creative would have given Mr. Anderson a decent run with the title, this could have easily gone to him, but he’s barely be used right now. Plain and simple, no one deserves this award right now.

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