Review Fix Announces Winner of Super Duper Holiday Gaming Contest

Review Fix is proud to announce Theresa Saponaro as the sole winner of our Holiday iPad game giveaway.

Last week, we offered our readers an opportunity to win two of the best iPad games currently available, “Squids” and “Mighty Fin.” All they had to do was tell us what game they wanted for Christmas.

Here is an excerpt from Mrs. Sapanaro’s winning entry:

“This year for Christmas, Assassins Creed Revelations for PS3 would be an awesome gift. The reason I want this is because the  Assassins Creed games are one of the first few video games my son and I have played together. Being that I am getting him a Play Station 3 for Christmas, I think this game would be perfect. I love playing video games and I like the fact that he started playing this game for the simple reason that he saw me playing it. Now he is very much into it. I think it would be nice to play the game with him as video games have become a strong bonding experience with him because of his love of gaming.”

Review Fix Editor-in-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr. was happy with the turnout of entries, but only saw one person as worthy of the giveaway.

“Games are all about having fun with friends and family,” he said. “We got a bunch of entries from people that were selfish and just wanted a game badly. I kind of feel like Santa Claus right now, because I couldn’t award someone something for an entry like that. Theresa’s entry embodied what the Christmas spirit is all about. For that, she deserves the prize.”

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