Sons of Anarchy Season Four Finale: Everything You Could Have Expected

It’s been an explosive fourth season of Son’s of Anarchy, filled with fantastic character subplots and a tremendous story line. This season brings plenty of action along with plenty of surprises that will have you floored.

As an audience, we witness a lot of change taking place in Charming, from a new sheriff and task force running the town, to eventually new housing developments known as Charming Heights. The Sons are know out of jail and are ready to get down to business, while free they run into plenty of obstacles along the way, one of which are letters from last season that were intended for Jax but were taken by Tara so that he would not be devastated about the truth they contain. These letters have secrets regarding Clay and John Teller that if are exposed, could have deadly precautions for the club.

This season mainly revolves around Clay and how he intends to do everything in his power to not expose the letters, even if it means having Tara killed. Clay is getting old, his arthritis is getting worse and has a few years to stay in power as President of Samcro. While the club has no money and Clay is looking to have security for the future he decides to get involved with the Cartel in not only selling guns put also running drugs, which is not how the Sons do business, but desperate times means desperate measures even if the other members of the Sons are not on board with Clay’s decision.

New characters are added to the fold such as Danny Trejo, [“Machete”] who plays Romeo and Bentito Martinez, [“The Shield”] who plays his associate Luiz Torres. These two new characters are part of the cartel and are in business with the Sons throughout most of the season. Other new characters involve Sherriff Eli Roosevelt played by Rockmond Dunbar, who is a no-nonsense tough as nails lawman that recently transferred from Oakland. Roosevelt wants a safe town and makes it clear to the Sons from the very beginning that Charming is his town and that he will not tolerate any wrong doing. Agent Lincoln Potter who has taken over the Sheriff’s department is planning a Rico case on the Son’s and therefore snatches one of their members Juice who eventually tells them about a secret meeting the Sons are having with the Cartel and the Irish involving Call of Duty type of Weapons.

While the season moves along the letters start becoming a potential threat to the club because there are several people besides Clay that know about them and could become a threat. Clay is now on edge and decides to put out a hit on Tara by using members of the Cartel. During this dilemma, there are characters that get hurt and even killed, adding a dramatic effect to this heart pounding season.

This season ended on a high note, not based on a shocking finale but a foundation to a story line that will play in the following season. While we do see a familiar face show up in the later episodes of season four that could have troubling ramifications for Jax and his family, the Sons also have problems, not only involving Opie, but also a potential new threat from Oakland as Sheriff Roosevelt mentions in the finale. While Tig wanted to get revenge based on false information that caused an innocent woman to get killed; he might have stirred up a big mess that could mean big trouble for the Sons ahead.

Season four overall brings plenty of action along with fantastic writing and subplots. It is definitely one of the strongest seasons this show has to offer. We are left satisfied, but also anxious on what will be in store for the sons. Creator Kurt Sutter did a fantastic job of putting together a story this season that answered important questions while creating a foundation of what will happen next season. It’s been a hell of a ride and a treat for the fans of this show.

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