TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: G…W… La Horribla

“When I put my boots on, I’m going to fight” – Sting

Say goodbye to Sting as a GM.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

With Hulk Hogan apparently the new Impact Wrestling GM, TNA gets shook up…again. Sting says he’s out of action for a while. He needs time to recover from a concussion. Fans have been suffering for over a year now from back storylines involving him- why not take this creative team out to pasture, too?

Between the constant run-ins, bad promos and product placement [C’mon now, Repo Games?] TNA continues to dig itself deeper into a big steaming pile of mediocrity.

And next week, there’s just so much to look forward to, like the world premiere of James Storm’s theme song music video.

Oh, the suspense.


X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Kid Kash, Zema Ion and Tony Nese: Nese is the red-headed step-child of the X-Division. No music, no hype, nothing. All he does is continue to have excellent matches. This kid could have such a good run with Aries if given an opportunity. A shame he’s being wasted. In the few seconds Nese and Aries were in the ring, the pace was solid. Most of the match was Aries handing his opponents their asses though. He’s easily one of the best X-Division champions ever. With all the high spots, this was a fun and athletic opener and a reason why TNA has so much potential- even after all the missteps. But naturally TNA has to ruin it every single time. Bully Ray’s interference ended the match in a DQ.

Sarita and Rosita vs. TNA Knockout Champions Eric Young and ODB: Sarita was sharp in this one. All her moves were crisp and ODB sold well and delivered all of her routine offense with some extra oomph. Rosita is still green and Eric Young is still crazy. In a provocative finish, ODB hit a modified Samoan Drop for the win.

Three-minute challenge: Kurt Angle vs. Garett Bischoff: This was insane. Does TNA think we’re dumb? Bischoff shouldn’t have had a chance in hell. Instead, he hit his finisher, a stunner variation and was able to hold his own. He played mind-games with Angle too before Gunner got involved and caused the DQ. This kid is getting pushed too hard, too fast.

Anarquia and Hernandez w/Sarita and Rosita vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe: Joe and Magnus work well together. They get better every week- especially, Magnus, who is considered the weaker link of the group. On the other side of the ring, Hernandez is still one of the best workers in the company and is another guy being wasted in a lethargic role. This was a good match though. All four guys broke a sweat. But, again the match was ruined by outside interference. Josh Lewis from “Repo Games” took Rosita and Sarita out of the match; it helped the good guys, but it was corny. Magnus got the win after his trademark elbow drop.

James Storm vs. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels: Storm started the match on fire, but ended up selling more than anything else. Daniels and Kazarian can still wrestle, but them two together just doesn’t work. It’s been too bad a storyline for too long and their wrestling ability alone just isn’t enough anymore. Storm capitalized on miscommunication between Kaz and “The Fallen Angel” and landed a pair of his Last Call Super Kicks for the win.

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