2012 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Coverage: Four Fingered-Inspired and Rated-R

Edge, Ron Simmons, Mike Tyson, Mil Mascaras, The Four Horsemen and Yokozuna.

Not the best WWE Hall of Fame class, but certainly not the worst. The Four Horsemen were the only team that no one could have argued against. Together, they were the premiere stable of the ‘80s. They dominated every championship division in the NWA during their prime, a feat not accomplished by any other group, ever.

It was interesting to see Ric Flair at the ceremony, as his current role in TNA continues to puddle in mud. His acceptance speech was fun, yet emotional. His inclusion in the HOF as both a singles wrestler and as a member of the horsemen continues to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Tyson played a role in a huge angle that helped catapult the then-WWF over WCW. For that alone, he is easily one of the best celebrity additions to the Hall of Fame. Triple H and Shawn Michaels introduction of Iron Mike was slapstick, but fun.

And yes, Shawn is better.

Tyson’s speech on the other hand, was eccentric.

“If I didn’t do that Wrestlemania stuff, I probably would have lost my house,” he said.

Mascaras never stepped into a WWE ring, but much like Verne Gagne, he’s a guy that is an undoubted legend. Simmons was a great tag team wrestler with multiple partners and the first African-American World Heavyweight Champion. His strength and quite charisma paved the way for dozens of other wrestlers after him.


The same thing can be said for Yokozuna. Although there were several other Samoan wrestlers in the WWE before him, most of them relegated to poor gimmicks and the Tag Team division. Yokozuna was the first breakout star from a long line of worthy Samoan professional wrestlers. His rise to the top of the WWE made the journeys of pro wrestlers the likes of The Rock, Rikishi and Samoa Joe much more memorable.

While Edge’s induction may have been an eventual one, his addition to the Hall sparked controversy when it was originally announced. Arguably the greatest tag team wrestler in WWE history, he was one of the top WWE singles performers after The Attitude Era. It was a time when millions flocked away from the sport. They said it wasn’t cool anymore. Edge was always cool. His speech made up for any doubts from fans upset by his inclusion. His charisma and love for the sport is still evident. Lets hope his inclusion in the Hall doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him in the WWE.

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