‘American Idol’ Recap: Nine Idols Singing Their Idols

After Erika Van Pelt’s elimination everyone is probably more scared than ever to take Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion advice since his total makeover apparently cursed her.

Stevie Nicks joins Jimmy Iovine for the vocal rehearsals, to which the nine contestants are singing songs by their idols. Is American Idol having a hard time coming up with themes this season?

According to the judges, everyone was great, giving a total of five standing ovations. Steven Tyler said it was a “magical mystery tour of talent and emotion.”

Colton Dixen; “Everything” by Lifehouse

This song brought us back to more of the Colton we enjoy, not quite as squeaky and emo as last week yet still along the same vein. The song itself is powerful, and perhaps, is more moving in its original form than Colton—though he does have some passion behind his performance. At the end he gets choked up, reminding us he found music through church and this is his “favorite worship song.” So his idol is Jesus?

Judges Say: They all love it and think it was a great way to kick off the night and will make the other contestants work harder for votes.

We Say: It was good, he is still slightly whiny, but OK.

Skylar Laine; “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert

She does her thing, jumps around the stage, sings with a country twang. It’s a good performance, but following the on-his-knees Jesus-loving Colton, she has a hard sell.

Judges Say: Great. They loved it.

We Say: She’s cute, but maybe we’re finally getting sick of the country-thing.

Heejun Jan; “A Song for You”

Heejun decides to act more serious since everyone ragged on him last week. Jimmy Iovine appears to have appreciated the new Heejun and decides he was just fronting to hide a sensitive spirit. Stevie feels Heejun was pretending not to care about the competition so he wouldn’t feel hurt if, or more likely when, he loses. It’s weird how they make up all this to give him a dramatic tale. The performance itself is good but nothing special.

Judges Say: The judges give him a standing ovation which is really unnecessary. Randy does point out not every note was perfect but Heejun’s voice is “so buttery.”

We Say: It was a good performance, but we actually like the Heejun who has fun much better than the one with a stick up his butt.

Hollie Cavanagh; “Jesus Takes the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood

Stevie pretty much tells her she has no emotion and needs to sing every song with conviction. Hollie’s performance was powerful enough, but she really just continues to belt out one ballad after another.

Judges Say: It wasn’t perfect (who is going to criticize Jesus) but it was really good. Randy keeps thinking of Carrie Underwood.

We Say: Ultimately, she bores us.

DeAndre Brackensick; “Sometimes I Cry” by Eric Benet

This guy is the worst—seriously. Who is voting for this guy? It sounds like someone punched him in the balls while his head wobbles back and forth. It’s just brutal to listen to. Yeah, he may act like a young Michael Jackson, but he’s not. So get over it.

Judges Say: Judges give another standing ovation. Steven said “100 percent passion.” (It was 100 percent falsetto.) Jennifer urges to people to vote for him; does this mean she knows the rest of thinks he’s awful?

We Say: Who likes listening to guys singing like a beautifully-haired girl attempting operatic? He’s just not working for us.

Jessica Sanchez; “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé

What is with the red fake doors sporadically dispersed on the stage? Aside from that, her rendition of Beyoncé’s hit is cool, dramatic and frankly, better than the original.

Judges Say: Randy says she has an innate ability to sing and loved her resolve.

We Say: It was cool. Her tiny body yet big voice still astonishes us.

Phillip Phillips; “Still Raining” by Jonny Lange

Stevie Nicks seems to have a crush on Phillip, not that we’re blaming her. He continues to impress, and his Lange rendition was awesome. Toward the end, we thought he was going to burst a vein in his neck or forehead.

Judges Say: They’re at their feet again, meaning he did a good job.

We Say: Yeah, he’s pretty much our favorite.

Joshua Ledet; “Without You” by Mariah Carey

While Joshua has an amazing voice, his time on America Idol may be over soon. He just isn’t relatable enough. His performance is pretty spot on though, and he breaks down on the very last note.

Judges Say: According to Jennifer, “You’re a phe-nom.”

We Say: Great performance.

Elise Testone; “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zepplin

Elise finally showed off her vocals and style. There is no doubt trying to sing any song by Led Zepplin is a difficult task, and she really blew any speculation away. Her movements were awkward, but hey, we can’t win them all.

Judges Say: Well, they are at their feet again.

We Say: A surprisingly awesome performance. Cheers.

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