ITunes Single of the Week Review: Kiss Me Again” by We Are The In Crowd

Just a stones throw away from that special season of dresses, tuxedos, and corsages, the Poughkeepsie pop punk band, We Are The In Crowd, are here to help hit the heart’s mark with this week’s iTunes Single of the Week, “Kiss Me Again.”

Lead vocalist Taylor Jardine is joined by Alex Gaskarth, lead singer from All Time Low, to deliver an astral duet carried by a zest of country romanticism found in the lyrics that brings the glimmers, butterflies, and kisses of young love to listeners of every age.

Gaskarth and Jardine will sweep the listener off their feet with their aural chemistry. Gaskarth’s voice is the cool calm and collected daydream a girl could ever want to hear, and the song doesn’t wait long for his charm to work. Although the lyrics feel like they come from the standard tradition of pixie dust romance, Gaskarth’s presence is a smooth start that gets much sweeter when Jardine infuses her warm timbre.

In “Kiss Me Again” is the traditional call and response technique- executed to perfection. The twenty-one-year old Jardine has a cinnamon sweetness in her voice, a cross between the raw energy, like that of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, and passionate persuasion, like that of Taylor Swift. Such a mix of talents begs her to be a large blimp on everyone’s radar.

The single comes off We Are The In Crowd’s debut album “Best Intentions.” Produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, a small sample of their clients include Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World, Cartel, the album climbed to the silver stand on the Top Heatseekers chart by Billboard Magazine. The band’s rise to prominence wasn’t simple.

Shortly after making their name on MySpace the band’s page was hacked in 2009. The hacker deleted every single one of the band’s music and friends, yes, even Tom. Word of their unfortunate circumstances attracted the curious ears of Hopeless Records. Shortly after, Jardine and crew signed themselves to their first label and since then they’ve gone on to release their first full album, “Best Intentions.”

We Are The In Crowd and their single, “Kiss Me Again,” are both, simply put, the perfect pulls of the prime age of friendship, love, and life. With the upbeat over accustomed fast beats and guitar strums, it’s the cherubic affection in the boy-girl exchange that makes this song a definite add for one’s “Happily Ever After” playlist.

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