Our Ten Best: Womens Clothing Essentials

Fashion is a necessity and high style can be achieved even on a tight budget. It’s all about quality, not quantity. Go ahead, treat yourself to that Italian leather, it will last you years and will never go out of style Sometimes, it’s a good idea to spend a little extra money on well-made timeless staples.

Black Suit: A business appropriate item for the career women and a definite essential for every closet, purchasing a black suit is a must. Even if your job is one that allows you to wear jeans, in this economy it might not be a permanent position. Having a pressed suit makes a great first impression at any interview because it screams, “I’m a professional.”

A basic two to three button black blazer with either a matching pencil skirt or pair of pants will do the trick. Also, a season-less lightweight material like gabardine or rayon that contains a small amount of spandex/lycra ensures a quality fit. Or it might be a good idea to ante up some extra dough to get this item tailored to fit your body size.

White Button Down Shirt: Nothing else shows more simplistic professional elegance like a crisp white button down. A perfect match to your tailored suit, it can be paired with accessories to show your personal style.

It can be paired under a cozy cardigan for an any day style, or a leather jacket, skinny jeans and heels for a more edgy look. There are so many ways to wear the white button down, and do so ironed, which is probably the only fashion rule you shouldn’t break.

Plain Black Pumps: A pair of close-toed black heels is a female-fashion must. Not only do they make your three-piece suit extra professional, they can literally be paired with pretty much any outfit from dresses to graphic tees. Black pumps are sophisticated yet sexy and a good pair, not only make happy feet, but they make happy wallets as well –good quality usually means long lasting. A nice pair of black heels are a timeless expression of understated style.

Little Black Dress: Coco Chanel made the little black dress fashionable and Audrey Hepburn, as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made it an iconic symbol of femininity. The little black dress is so famous, it’s known as the “LBD” in the fashion industry and most fashionista’s would be appalled if they found a closet without one. The beauty of a good LBD is that they are very versatile and can be used in any situation, from a last minute cocktail party, or a last minute funeral, or when you must look fantastic to make an ex jealous.

To get as much use out of your LBD as possible, make sure you get a cocktail or mini dress that has a simple design, nothing too trendy because styles change every season. Follow Chanel’s designs to find something timeless.

The Perfect Jeans: Women have loathed going jeans shopping for decades. Nowadays, jeans come in so many styles and fits that it’s nearly impossible to not find something to suit your body. If worst comes to worse, you can always tailor this essential item because having a good fitting jean is a very important aspect of casual wear. If your lucky enough to find a good fit without the necessity of altering, buy two, or three…or ten, they do come in a large variety of colors. Remember ladies, the “perfect jeans” means that you feel as sexy as you look.

Tote Bag: A good tote bag serves multiple purposes. If you leave your house for more then ten hours a day, the number of things you need to carry to get you through adds up. Accept it, there’s no getting around the need for a hefty duty bag. Whether it’s a book bag, a briefcase, a weekender travel bag, or a shopping bag, if you’re a woman on the go a big bag is a must-have essential item. No worries, tote’s come in all different styles to suit any, and every personality.

Trench Coat: A trench coat can be worn throughout the year, over your LBD or pantsuit. The classic trench has buttons that extend to about three inches above the knee. Coats with removable lining increase usage, which makes this all weather coat a sound investment.

Comfortable Dress Flats: Let’s face it, not all of us can wear heels 24/7. When you want to give the balls of your feet a break, opt for a pair of cute flats. Leather, or patent leather flats are dressy, bedazzled is funky, and flats with flowers or beads are flirty. Many stores have reasonable prices on this popular item, so whatever your mood, a comfortable pair of flats are always in style, season, and budget.

Rain Boots: Funky rain boots aren’t just for kids, they have definitely made a come back on the streets for women everywhere. Slipping on a wet subway staircase in your Jimmy Choo’s is embarrassing enough, it’s nothing compared to showing up to the office in huge dripping wet boots. Don’t fret ladies, there’s no need to wear those rubber monstrosities all day. Just pack a pair of flats or heels with you in your tote bag. With the many cool, chic patterns available, your rain boots can become an expression of your personality, while your feet stay nice and dry.

Proper Undergarments: Statistics show that at least 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, which is not only uncomfortable, but very unflattering as well. There is a good reason that these are referred to as foundation garments. How well, or how badly, they fit will determine how anything draped over them will look.

You should have at least five-seven bras, one for every day, and they should be replaced about every year. Too much wash and wear causes stretched out fabric that won’t give you the support you need. While shopping for a bra, you should be measured by a professional. Usually, small boutiques have much better sales associates then the big name stores. Keep the ultimate goal in mind: a smooth, jiggle-free silhouette, that makes you feel as good as it is figure flattering. The right bra leaves you feeling comfortable and more confident in all your clothes.

Before you fill you closets and drawers with here-today-gone-tomorrow fad items, save some space for these ten items and you will always be ready to dress to impress for years to come. You’ll never be stumped while standing in front of your closet thinking you have “nothing to wear,” ever again.

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