Preview Fix: Marilyn Manson’s ‘Born Villain’

Release Date: May 1

Hard for anyone to disagree with this statement, but really, it’s been a while, to say the least, since Marilyn Manson had anything significant to contribute to music. On the first of May, Manson is scheduled to release “Born Villain,” his first full-length album since 2009’s “The High End of Low,” which, surprisingly, peaked as high as number four on’s “Internet Album,” “Top Canadian Album” and “The Billboard 200.” But the album didn’t yield the same type of fame that led Manson to be synonymous with controversy. To find the last Manson album that led concerned parents to fail miserably in their attempt to protect their kids from the devil’s music, one has to go back all the way to “The Golden Age of Grotesque,” which went on to sell more than four-million albums worldwide.

Is “Born Villain” ready to reaffirm Manson as the antichrist or has society undergone a great many reformations—we’ve kissed girls and liked it, accepted meat dresses, forgiven drunk rappers crashing teen idol acceptance speeches, accepted we were all born this way, seen plenty on—that the diabolic edge Manson had once welded is straight out too blunt for our skins? Well, the first single sheds some light on the direction Manson will embark on.

You be the judge: Watch the video for the new single and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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