Review Fix 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: Double or Nothing Review: Thank You Keith David

Everyone knows that guy, the arrogant, self-important douche-nozzle who yells at bums to get a job and patronizes every woman he’s with.

This vignette, directed by Nathaniel Krause, is a scene from that guy’s life. It broaches the uncomfortable areas of bigotry, the abuse of the homeless and the disparity between the sexes against the backdrop of urban nightlife.

The ten-minute film stars Adam Brody and Louisa Krause as Clark and Becca, a youthful twenty-something couple out for a night on the town alongside the legendary Keith David as a homeless man begging for change. What begins as an innocent, albeit snobbish, wager from Brody’s character becomes an unsettling, tension-filled moment of sadism, dark humor and brinksmanship.

It’s quick, well-acted, and delightfully disconcerting. Brody, specifically, shines as the cruel, apathetic aggressor to David’s humble homeless man. They play off each-other surprisingly well. Louisa Krause is good enough as the angry girlfriend, but her performance is dwarfed by these two acting giants who, in a grand way, steal the show.

As the film nears it’s conclusion, the extent to which the wager has risen is almost cringe-worthy. It seems to be nearing some sort of ultra-violent “American Psycho” moment. The ending, however, will clean the sour taste of apprehension right out of the viewer’s mouth.

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