Long-Awaited Indie Adventure Resonance Coming June 19 from Wadjet Eye Games

Preorders available at Resonance-Game.com and GOG.com

Wadjet Eye Games, an indie publisher of retro-styled adventure games, is excited to announce that Resonance will release for PC on June 19, 2012. A labor of love five years in the making, this impressive commercial debut from independent developer Vince Twelve can be preordered now from Wadjet Eye Games (http://www.Resonance-Game.com) and GOG.com (http://www.GOG.com).

When a brilliant particle physicist dies unexpectedly, the race is on to secure his terrible new technology before it falls into the wrong hands. The lives of four playable characters become entangled as they fight against the clock to find the dead scientist’s secret vault. The suspicions they harbor, the memories they guard, the connections they share — all will converge as these four ordinary people work together to prevent a potentially cataclysmic disaster.

Its 2D pixel-art graphics and intuitive point-and-click interface may be reminiscent of the “good old days,” but Resonance puts a new twist on classic adventure gameplay with its unique long-term and short-term memory systems. In addition to the more traditional inventory, dialogue, and exploration-based gameplay typical in adventure games, Resonance allows players to “collect” memories within the game. Each of the four playable characters can use these memories to solve puzzles or start conversations with any of the game’s other characters, providing a wealth of interactive possibilities. Resonance also includes an original soundtrack and professional voice cast, with fan-favorite Logan Cunningham (Bastion) in one of the leading roles.

Leading up to the June 19 launch, Resonance can be preordered in both digital download and physical formats:

* GOG.com is offering a digital preorder brimming with goodies that include desktop wallpapers, a digital poster (suitable for printing), the game’s MP3 soundtrack, a “behind the scenes” video, and video developer diaries. GOG’s Resonance download, available on June 19, will be DRM-free. The regular $9.99 price is discounted 10% to $8.99 during the preorder period. For more details, visit: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/resonance

* Wadjet Eye Games is offering a limited edition disc version that will only be available for purchase during the preorder period. The disc version will be packaged in a collectable box with a printed Resonance poster. The MP3 soundtrack and other digital goodies will be included on the game CD. The $24.99 price includes worldwide shipping, and customers who preorder the limited edition will also get free access to a Resonance download on launch day. For more details, visit: http://www.resonance-game.com/preorder

To view the Resonance trailer or preorder the game, please visit http://www.resonance-game.com or http://www.gog.com.

About Wadjet Eye Games

Founded in 2006, Wadjet Eye Games has developed a reputation for producing award winning and critically acclaimed adventure games for the PC. Committed to creating unique character-driven game experiences around recognizable brands, Wadjet Eye has recently expanded to support and publish games by other independent developers. The company’s award-winning portfolio includes The Shivah and the Blackwell series, both of which have garnered Game Developers Choice nominations, Puzzle Bots, which was selected for the Penny Arcade Expo’s PAX 10 showcase, and IGF Student Showcase winner Gemini Rue. For more information, visit http://www.wadjeteyegames.com.

About GOG.com

GOG.com is the ultimate destination for downloadable DRM-free PC games. The site offers gamers some of the greatest PC games of all time for a low price and free from copy protection. GOG.com is much more than just another digital distribution site, featuring an extensive community component that allows players to rate, review and discuss their favorite PC games, as well as insightful articles from respected game journalists. Visit http://www.gog.com and start your exploration of the best that gaming has to offer.

About Vince “Twelve” Wesselmann

While living and working in Japan, Vince “Twelve” Wesselmann created the award-winning freeware adventure games Anna in 2005 and What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed in 2006. He also programmed Spooks and Nanobots for designer Erin Robinson. In 2007, shortly after the birth of his daughter, Vince assembled a team to begin working on his first commercial offering, Resonance. During the course of its five-year development, he moved his family across an ocean, started a new career, and welcomed his second child into the world. After years of late nights (Vince’s only spare time), he enlisted the help of Wadjet Eye Games for the last eleven months of development. Now that Resonance is finally here, Vince looks forward to sleep. His website is http://www.xiigames.com.

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