New Details Emerge about Boston Singer Brad Delp’s Suicide

New details have surfaced about Brad Delp, singer for 70s rock band Boston, and his suicide on March 9, 2007.

At the time, the Boston Herald attributed most of its coverage on the singer’s strained relationship with guitarist and musical mastermind Tom Scholz. Scholz believed the paper’s implications were hinting he was to blame for Delp, 55, taking his own life, even leading the guitarist to filed a defamation lawsuit (which has been pending for two years).

Now, the Boston Globe reports, new information has emerged regarding Delp’s final days.

Based on court testimony, it appears Delp’s decision to take his own life was perhaps a result of his embarrassment over planting a hidden camera in the bedroom of his roommate—and fiancée’s sister—than from his disagreements with Scholz and the other members of Boston.

In court papers, Todd Winmill—the boyfriend of Meg Sullivan, the woman whose room Delp placed under surveillance—revealed Delp’s attitude after his camera was discovered.

“He essentially apologized for about a half-hour,” said Winmill. “And then I told him he had to tell Pamela. He didn’t like the thought of having to do that.”

Pamela Sullivan, Delp’s bride-to-be, had an affair the previous summer which deeply affected Delp. In an email to Meg, he paralleled Pamela’s deception to his own, as he continued to apologize for the incident.

“I want to try and make you understand that I consider myself a decent person who made a dreadful error in judgment,” Delp wrote. “I acted out of some impulse that is still not completely fathomable to me.”

The Boston Herald has defended its coverage, calling it “both accurate and excellent.” The paper reported Delp felt stuck between Scholz and the other members of Boston, and his role as middleman effected his weakening mental state, not necessarily placing direct blame on Scholz himself. Friends’ testimonies also seem to believe this idea Schloz triggered a darkness in Delp.

“I believe that Tom Scholz and Boston caused the depression which caused Brad to put a camera in my bedroom,” Meg Sullivan said.

Delp’s friend Joy Baker also testified, “Brad just could not stand one more minute of feeling like he could not stand up for himself or do the right thing, if you will, in any aspect of his life, because he was so afraid… he would run from confrontation and I think he was just beaten down by the years of dealing with Tom Scholz.”

Before killing himself by asphyxiating on carbon monoxide from the two charcoal grills he’d lit in his sealed bathroom, Delp left four suicide notes. In the one he penned for Meg and Tom, he admitted a history of mental illness.

“I have had bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide since I was a teenager,” he wrote, adding in another note, “I take complete and sole responsibility for my present situation. I have lost my desire to live.”

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