Our Ten Best: Top Ten Xbox Franchises

It can be addicting, your family and friends will beg you to stop. You will try not to give in but you’re not strong enough. You have no choice but to pick up that controller and get lost in a virtual world.

Whether you love the storyline or enjoy the pure fun of causing mass destruction of a world. You cannot help but admit you’re addicted to video games. This list consists of the Top Xbox 360 Franchises that have had fans coming back for more.

10- Left 4 Dead: If a zombie apocalypse were to occur (and let’s hope it doesn’t) this game would help you prepare for it. In this game the world is taken over by zombies, who want to tear your insides out and devour them. You play as one of four people, and you have one goal and it is to survive! As much fun as it is to play a single player, the real joy is playing with your friends, and struggle through together. This game will always find ways to challenge you. You get very close to running on low health, or ammo. The story mode is short, but you can also play versus mode, where you can play as a zombie. This is no ordinary zombie killing game; it makes you jump out of your seat.

9-Dead Space: Let’s face it, horror movies just don’t cut it anymore, they no longer scare you, make you scream, or keep you up at night. This game takes you inside a mining ship, and you are an engineer who has to battle your way for survival. You’re in the future, and Earth is no longer a reliable home. In order to obtain more resources people have had to go into space and process them. But something goes horribly wrong and you are stranded and if that wasn’t bad enough, creatures come out to attack you. They look like deformed mutants. Who are trying to kill you and appear out of nowhere. The weapons are none that you have ever seen, plus you can use zero gravity. This game has everything, action, horror; amazing detail that only a video game can show you.

8- F.E.A.R.: I know what you are thinking, another horror game, but you have to admit you do enjoy getting the pants scared off of you. If the game title didn’t give it away, then let me explain what F.EA.R. is about. There is no need to give detail about the story mode, because honestly you could probably play the whole game without knowing anything about the characters. No this game is for the shrill thrill of being scared. And with the help of the graphics you will feel like you are in the game. You never know what is going to come after you in the darkness of this world.

7-Call of Duty Modern Warfare: This is a completely different from the other games on this list. This game is a first person shooter and you’re a solider during war. You have objectives to fulfill and lives to save. Although the story is enjoyable, the real fun lives with the online game play. What makes the online gameplay so much fun is, that no matter how much you may suck at the game, you will get perks that help from dying so often. After you die, it doesn’t take forever to respond back, you can jump back into action right way. And when you die, you can see exactly how you die. Hopefully you won’t make the same mistake twice. You can play with people all over the world and show them what you are made of.

6- Silent Hill: Although the games that have come out for Xbox 360 haven’t been up to par with the others, fans cannot help but admit that Silent Hill is there all-time favorite franchise. Maybe it’s because there is a man whose head is shaped like a pyramid coming after you with a giant blade that makes you want to scream out loud, and literally run for your life. Or maybe it’s finding out who the characters really are. But truly silent hill has been able to scare people like no other game has ever done before. Challenge yourself, play the other horror games and say that pyramid head doesn’t make you want to throw the remote at the TV and run.

5- BioShock: This game takes place in the 1960’s but not the one you’re thinking of. No, you’re a plane crash survivor who explores an underwater city, Rapture. This underwater city is not like the lost city off Atlantis, unless Atlantis had cannibals coming after you. This city is infested with enemies, and you have to analyze them in order to defeat them. You unlock the history behind this underwater city, and fight till the death. You’re fighting for survival since there is no escape. This is not a game you have ever heard of, it isn’t meant to really scare you, but make you feel like you are in this world, and only this world.

4- Fable: The fable games are not at all difficult. It isn’t challenging, it won’t scare you, and there aren’t epic battles. No but there is the power to be any type of hero that you want. If you want to be pure evil and kill children for the fun of it, then go ahead. Or you can be an angel and never commit any sin. This role playing game takes place in the world of Albion. The reason why this game is so fun to play is the freedom you have. Fable is a story mode of a hero, set in someone with unique powers that can protect the world from any harm. But you are not there to only help the people, no your there for yourself. You can dress your character up, get married, have kids, kill the kids, and at the same time, help the people of your world using your hero abilities that only you have.

3-Gears of War: This game is another type of fun. You are a human planet and you are at war with the Locust, who are really ugly and want nothing more than the humans to be destroyed. Although they have destroyed most of the world, your job as a COG solider is to try to stop them. These games are fun for the sure act of blowing your enemies heads off. It’s all about the blood and violence, and having a weapon that also has a chainsaw attached. Although the story mode will catch you, the excitement of being violent takes over you.

2-Mass Effect: In this game you play as Commander Shepard. He is trying to prove to the rest of the galaxy that human kind is worthy of becoming a superior race and joining the council. It goes from this to trying to save the world from an alien invasion. This is not like your classic RPG game; this is where you attack turn based. This game borrows from a lot of genres that make it great. Like using third person shooting elements, or using magical attacks, like vehicle combat. As well as intricate engaging storytelling. The thing that makes this game shine is the way players are allowed to dictate how the game starts and ends and everything in between. From the character creation to the interaction with other in game players and the dialog, there are literally one dozen endings. It is up to you how it ends.

1-Halo: There is no reason why you shouldn’t love this game. This game has kept fans coming back for many years. You’re following a Spartan solider from the future, Master Chief. His job is to help prevent the world by being destroyed by the Halo ring, which is a huge weapon, shaped like a ring that will destroy everything. The aliens in this game are unaware of how foolish they are being and believe that activating the ring is part of some ancient prophecy. But it will just destroy everything. It is your job to fight the covenant and save Earth, you don’t face this on your own. No you are part of the army and you have many allies. The story mode is undeniable one of the best, and the weapons are truly unique. If aliens coming after you were bad enough, “flood” mutated aliens are even thirstier for your life. The dialog will make you laugh, and the online gameplay is one of the best you will ever see. With remarkable game maps and amazing graphics, it makes the online gameplay better than any other. You would have to be foolish to not think Halo was the best franchise for Xbox.

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