Review Fix Exclusive: Q & A with “Nexus” Co-Creator Mike Baron

Review Fix chats with “Nexus” co-creator and writer Mike Baron to get the inside scoop on the series and its recent appearance in “Dark Horse Presents.”

Review Fix: How does it feel to be a part of Dark Horse Presents?

Mike Baron: Feels great. Dark Horse is the premier comic book publisher.

Review Fix: You’ve worked with Steve Rude for over 30 years. How do you guys continue to grow as professionals?

Baron: The last ten years saw my life chopped up in a cuisinart, dumped on the garage floor and rearranged by gremlins. I have also had good writing lessons pounded into me by a variety of mentors, all younger than me! In particular, Peter Brandvold and Kevin J. Anderson. I am a much better writer now. I outline before I write.

Review Fix: What’s your favorite part of working with him? Least favorite?

Baron: It’s all good.

Review Fix: For readers new to Nexus, how would you describe the series?

Baron: Nexus is an executioner of mass murderers. He dreams of them and when he wakes he is compelled to seek them out and kill them. Kinda like restless leg syndrome. His power comes from an insane alien. In recent years, Nexus and the alien have come to an understanding that allows him more autonomy. Nexus is also a space opera filled with drama, comedy, heart-stopping terror and action. Nexus has a cast of ever-changing, fascinating characters whose personalities run bone-deep.

Review Fix: How is what we see in DHP #12 different from the series in general?

Baron: Well, it’s shorter.

Review Fix: You’ve worked on a variety of other series in the past. What made you continue this one?

Baron: Nexus is our baby! Ask any creator who he’d rather work on–Company Man or His Baby.

Review Fix: What are your hopes for the series moving forward?

Baron: That the series will move forward!

Review Fix: How do you want this series to be remembered?

Baron: Fondly, I trust, but being a creator means leaving the critiques to others.

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