Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca in ‘The Art of the Bad Deal’ Review: Not Bad for Free

May 5th was free comic book day and one of the biggest comics that drew people’s attention was “Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca in The Art of the Bad Deal.” With two of the biggest and well-loved Star Wars characters having their own comic it’s sure to be a sweet deal, right? You bet.

The story is about Han and Chewbacca doing what they do best: smuggling. That is, making sure a shipment gets to point B and then money is then handed over. That’s when things get hairy in the story.

Some will read that and say,” that’s it? The story is about one of Han’s deliveries that goes wrong?” Yes, but writer Zack Whedon does a good job of making it interesting that you disperse with the any technicalities of it all. Plus, there’s the usual Han and Chewie banter that we’ve all came to love present here. Wheden has done a good job of taking the personalities of these two characters and made them exact replicas on page and not some false imitations. You could swear that’s Harrison Ford talking to you on the page.

The art is not too shabby either. Han and Chewie look really well to the pointy that you think that they are the real actors and not drawings. Han in particular is very well done. Just like the dialogue, Han looks so real that, again, it looks like you’re watching the movie and not reading a comic. Even Chewie doesn’t look like a cheap space dog/ bear thing and is well drawn.

The other characters in the comic don’t fare so well. They look like generic aliens and not like any race in the Star Wars canon. If they are, Whedon has spent much more time on Han and Chewie than on these guys. They are boring and uninteresting to look at.

For a free comic “Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca in The Art of the Bad Deal” does not feel like it. It has a good story featuring two memorable Star Wars characters and pretty good art. It may only be ten pages long, but those ten pages are worth every second of your time.

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