TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: More Wrestling, No More Gut Checks

“In your world, I’m just plain god.”- Ric Flair

Definitely 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, he could still make the claim. Now he’s just an old legend who can’t help himself. His promos are long and verbose. He’s not cool anymore. It’s sad. Flair and Hogan shouldn’t be on TV anymore.

But unlike Hogan, Flair can still walk. He’s just crazier than a feces-covered rat.

To start Impact this way just ruined it. Why watch this? Haven’t we seen this before?

“I’m the baddest man IN the planet,” Flair belched during Impact.

Ah man, this guy can’t even speak proper English anymore. It’s just rambling. Just throw the Machine Guns out there or Austin Aries, Joe or Styles. That’s what people want to see.

Enough of this.

It was cute though to see Hogan get Flair to join the judging panel for Gut Check though. Too bad it doesn’t mean much. Gutcheck, at its best, is a phony-bologna attempt at WWE’s Tough Enough. The fact that Silva was given a contract after getting squashed by Robbie E last week proves this segment is a mess.

Just get back to wrestling.


Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne: One of Sky’s best matches in TNA. She was crisper and tighter than usual, no pun intended you dirty-minded marks. From her setup maneuvers to selling, she was on top of her game. Kim and Rayne of course drove the action with another solid performance. They continue to make the case that they are two of the best female workers in the company. Tessmacher’s push continues, as she got the hot tag, pun intended. The fans love her. Her finisher is impressive and she continues to become more refined and versatile. She got the win on Kim after she stole her finisher, the Eat Defeat.

Rob Terry w/ Robbie E vs. TNA Television Champion Devon: A surprisingly decent match until a sloppy finish. Devon was all high impact, hitting a spear and a variety of clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Robbie E ruined all though after he broke a foreign object over Devon’s back to earn the DQ.

Jeff Hardy vs. RVD: Both guys went through their movesets in a quick encounter. Nothing special. RVD earned the win.

Kurt Angle, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles and TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus: The good guys beat down the baddies here, but everyone had a few decent spots. Styles beat Kazarian with the Styles Clash.

[No DQ] TNA Champion Robert Roode vs. Mr. Anderson: This match was solid until bedlam ensued. Anderson was on fire early on, but Roode was just as strong. His double-arm Spinebuster changed the tide of the match and even after interference by Jeff Hardy, Roode caught Anderson with the Fisherman Suplex for the win. By the end of it all, Roode was standing tall with a chair in hand, with all of his rivals, RVD, Hardy and Anderson on the ground.

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