WWE RAW Coverage: Finally, Some Rasslin’

It took 15 minutes, but Brock Lesnar’s decimation of Triple H sets up some interesting creative possibilities. With Lesnar and Triple H in the fold for the time being, there are finally some fresh new matchups in the company.

The Beat the Clock Challenge was also intriguing. All the matches pushed a quick pace and were chock-full of offense. This is the type of wrestling the company has to feature more often.

More in-ring action than anything else, this was a fun show.

The announcement of John’s Cena’s opponent at Over the Limit as John Laurinaitis was also different. Can RAW continue to build off of this new-found momentum?


Beat the Clock Challenge: U.S. Champion Santino Marella vs. The Miz: Fast-paced match with some ingenuity by The Miz. He added a Side Effect and top rope Double Axe Handle into his arsenal for this encounter and they both worked well. Marella fought back with a nice momentum-using Belly to Back Suplex and some punches. But just when it appeared time for the Cobra, the Miz was able to counter and soon enough he hit the Full Nelson Face Buster for the win in 4:18.

Nikki and Brie Bella vs. WWE Divas Champion Layla: The champion dropkicked the twins into one another and rolled up the one that was left for the win. Snore. Sad way for the duo to leave the company as well, as later in the show, WWE.com announced they had been “fired.”

Beat the Clock Challenge: Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show: The seven-footer came out as fast as he could, laying on Jericho a bevy of punches and a clothesline in the corner early on. Jericho countered with a basement drop kick and wouldn’t let Show get up. Jericho hurt himself when he went to the top, but Show ultimately missed a second rope splash. Jericho was unable to get the upper-hand, even after a DDT. After a massive spear, Show was in the driver’s seat. But after he missed his WMD finisher, Jericho managed to get Show on the outside and after they scuffled, Jericho got back into the ring and earned the win via count-out, but they couldn’t beat Miz’s time.

JTG vs. Brodus Clay: Another job match. Clay needs real competition. This does nothing for him.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger w/ Vicki Guerrero: All offense for three minutes, as Swagger more than held his own with the nine-time champ. Swagger slowed down the match with a variety of submission holds, but the viper came alive and with less than a minute left, he hit his signature DDT and then prepped Swagger for the RKO. Swagger countered into the Ankle Lock, but Orton reversed it and hit his finisher for the win at 4:16.

WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo w/ Rosa Mendes vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth: The cousins from PR are so much better than people give them credit for. Add in the sexy Mendes and this is the best time in the company for a reason. Truth and Kingston were solid here too though and made the most of every opportunity. The biggest one, allowed them to win the titles, as Truth set up Kingston for The Trouble in Paradise.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Kane vs. The Great Khali: Why are either one of these guys in the running for the WWE championship? What a joke. Kane was the offensive throughout, but Khali made an ugly comeback. With no gas, he hit a clothesline and a Brain Chop. The fight continued on the outside and then once back in, neither one of the contestants could get the win in time. No contest. After it was over. Kane hit an ugly Chokeslam on Khali.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Daniel Bryan vs. Jerry Lawler: Wow, no Dolph Ziggler? No Cody Rhodes? The WWE felt Lawler was best to get in the ring with Bryan? The fact that Lawler even held his own at his age with Bryan was an embarrassment to one of the company’s best workers. After he slapped on the Yes Lock, Bryan smashed Orton’s time and assured himself a title shot against Punk in three weeks.

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