TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Same Old Song

This week’s Impact began with Dixie addressing the issue of her relationship with Styles. Dixie plays the upset part well, but gets cut off by Christopher Daniels, who pushes her to come clean. AJ makes the save & runs Daniels out of the ring- followed by Dixie’s husband, who feigns sympathy, but throws a punch at Styles before leaving. AJ & Dixie leave together.

With that start, the show needed some great matches to prove worthy of its two-hour time slot on Spike. While the matches were solid, the fact that the show ended with Sting gaining another win over Bobby Roode. That  proves TNA refuses to learn from their mistakes.


Crimson vs. TNA X-Division Champion Aries: Aries pulls an above average match out of the brawling big man, hitting an unassisted (no hands) Lionsault that would make Chris Jericho jealous. Samoa Joe interferes, allowing Crimson’s 300+ undefeated streak to stand, as well as setting up a great feud with Joe & A Double.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Skye vs. Mickie James vs. Tara: Four-way to determine Gail Kim’s challenger at this Sunday’s Slammiversary. Tessmacher pulls out the victory, which she deserves, as she holds three non title decisions over Kim.

TNA TV Champion Devon vs. Robbie E: For about the forty third time, Devon retains his TV Title against Robbie E. Yes, Rob Terry interfered, but Devon now has his own buddy, in Garrett Bischoff, who interferes on Devon’s behalf. Just the same pile of mediocrity that gives TNA a bad name- but the betting man should put his money on a program with Bischoff & Madison Rayne in the near future.

Kurt Angle, Sting and A.J. Styles vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Frank Kazarian and TNA Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode: Before the match, it’s evident that AJ left, making this a handicap match. Kaz & Daniels rush Sting & Angle, but get tripped up and each land in their opponents’ respective submission. Roode plays the coward, storming around his corner, calling for a timeout. The heels work over Sting for most of the march, until Styles appears fro the crowd, clearing the ring with Angle. Roode goes for a belt shot in Sting, but he ducks it &, for the second straight week, makes the champ tap to the Scorpion Death Lock.

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