TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: The Puzzle is Coming Together

Didn’t dig TNA’s new storyline involving Dixie Carter, Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles and a pregnant recovered drug addict? Even TNA brass has expressed dislike, so more of it was fleshed out this week. Problem though, no one cares.

Apparently, Kaz is kayfabe upset about Daniels being conniving, but then again, Frankie should be used to getting the short end of the stick.

Don’t let this story take away from the action though. For the second week in a row, this was a fantastic Impact inside the ring.


Rob Van Dam vs. Anderson: Parts of the match seemed quite sloppy, while other showed off some nice chain wrestling. RVD picked up a pinfall, & 7 BFG Series points.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Rubix (Jigsaw): The wrestling community must have been elated to see Dutt return, but you can bet more than a few screamed like little girls seeing CHIKARA mainstay Jigsaw show up to oppose him. In the end, Sonjay put the match away with a moonsault double stomp.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray: Great match between two awesome big men. Ray was distracted by Joseph Park, allowing Joe to lock in the Rear Naked Choke, picking up his second ten-point submission victory.

Rashad Cameron vs. Mason Andrews: This time, two indie mainstays make their Impact debuts, with both Cameron (Sabian, of CZW fame) & Andrews (Scorpio Sky) flew circles around each other. Cameron picked up the victory and exhibited the self confidence a veteran like himself should have, in his post match promo.

Gut Check-Taeler Hendrix: It what may have been the event of the night, the segment was interrupted by Joey Ryan sitting in the front row. He & Taz almost came to blows, before security removed Ryan. The segment ended in a Hendrix receiving (rather undeserved) contract.

TNA Tag Team Champions A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Frank Kazarian: A great match from Angle, including back-to-back triple German suplexes, though much was spent on Kaz being upset at Daniels. After a ref bump, Daniels went to use a chair on AJ, but Kaz stopped him, only to double cross AJ & use the chair himself, throwing the ref back in and solidifying he and Daniels as new Tag Champs.

Oh, & apparently Styles is the father of the woman’s child. Anyone really care? No?

Exactly, an extremely great episode if Impact, with some silly wrestling cliches thrown in.

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