100 Floors Review: Patience is a Virtue

Some games like to make it easy for your to figure out what will be the next move. Some games like to make it a bit more of challenge, force you to really use your brain to get to the next level. Then there’s 100 Floors, from Tobi Apps Limited, where the challenge is the whole game and it is one hell of a challenge.

The goal of each level is simple: get the elevator door to open. What makes it not so simple, is the incredibly varied tasks, puzzles and brain teasers you must figure out in order to get the door open. In some levels, the answers are straight-forward, but others will leave you stumped for days. This is not the kind of game for people have little patience. Or even greater than average patience.

Every part of the iPhone or iPod Touch is fair game for 100 Floors. Shaking, swipes, taps, two-fingered moves, which end is facing up, even the iPhone settings can enter into the solution for a floor. There are also items you can pick up that will be used to solve a floor, although not always the floor your picked the item up in. Most floors will have some sort of clue as to what move must be taken, but it’s not always obvious. There might be three lights on a door, but it takes some craftiness to figure out what it is you’re supposed to do three times. Sometimes even the floor number itself is a clue.

The graphics on this game are very simple. Mostly still images, with very little in the way of animations. It creates an old-school feel, like a stripped-down, mobile version of the original Myst. Each level has its own unique look. Some look like office buildings, others like medieval castles. The sound effects are quite simple as well. You can listen to music while playing 100 Floors, however the sound effects cannot be shut off- many of them offer clues to the solutions. So you’ll want to pause the music while playing.

For those who like serious brain teasers, 100 Floors offers a wide range of stumpers to keep your mind busy for quite a long time. However, the average gamer will get frustrated rather fast, leaving them to either quit the game in defeat, or to head off to google to find a walkthrough.

100 Floors is free for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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