Jacqueline Laurita Denies Rumors that She is Leaving ‘RHONJ’

Ever since Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita pulled a no-show for the series’ Season 3 Reunion, viewers have known that something was wrong.

Suspicions were confirmed now that Season 4 has aired, with Jacqueline and Teresa’s “friendship divorce” made public, with the reality star frequently tearing up on camera over her rift with her former friend.

With rumors abound that Jacqueline will not be continuing on for Season 5, the TV personality has taken to Twitter to deny this gossip.  A fan asked her, “I heard you r leaving RHONJ, is it true?” and she responded, “Not that I’m aware of.”

According to Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro, “I just spoke to Jacqueline regarding her appearance on Season 5. When I asked if she will be on next season, she said, ‘As far as I know, I’m on next season. I’m on the show until they tell me I’m not.’”

Jacqueline has also confirmed on Twitter and on her Bravo blog that she will be attending the Season 4 reunion.

As for her no-show during last season’s reunion show, Jacqueline asserts that “it was a build up” that caused her not to make it.

“I don’t regret at all not being there. I do regret for disappointing our fans and the stress I put on Bravo by not attending,” she says in her blog.

She goes on to explain, “Even if I had attended, none of your questions would have been answered. As you should know, we were filming Season 4 as Season 3 was airing, and I could not have discussed anything that was going on in my head or anything that we had been filming. My animosity would have been unexplainable. As you remember, Teresa and I were fine in Season 3.”

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