ROH: Don’t Hate on Kenny King

For those folks who watched the July 5 edition of Impact, you were treated to a young man named Kenny King earning a spot in the Destination X tournament.

What most don’t know, is that King already holds a belt, as one half of the Ring of Honor tag team champions, along with Rhett Titus. In their infancy, the All Night Xpress (ANX) have only been champions since June 24.

So why was King in Orlando on Thursday? That’s what ROH would like to know.

It shouldn’t be a hard concept to understand, though. King’s contract has expired and he is therefor free to promote himself to other companies, but ROH feels that they have been wronged, as they say that King broke a “verbal agreement” and “a handshake.”

To put this simply- this is wrestling. It’s not soccer; it’s not ballet.

This is a business built on deceit- deceiving the audience and creating that suspension of disbelief, but also knowing how to B.S. and protect one’s self from said B.S.

It is quite hard to believe that a company that prides it’s self on “serious wrestling” has less business sense than a kid who seen “The Rise & Fall of ECW.”

Despite what the brainwashed ROH marks will say about “loyalty,” professional wrestlers are nothing but independent contractors. you are responsible for your well being.

ROH, just like NWA & ECW before it, are beginning to bleed out. NWA hooked up with WCW and  TNA. The latter will continue to latch onto indie companies looking to gain some recognition.

ECW was a freak happening, never to be repeated (for the good of the talent involved).

ROH has produced the current WWE Champion and a former World Heavyweight Champion and numerous champions in TNA and it’s all down hill from here.

The last few year of ECW existed on one man’s word and the gullibility of the employees. ROH is getting to that point.

Kenny King got out while he still could. No fireworks, no legal papers.

ROH says they want no part of him. Great, no blow ups, just part ways and be done.

While many will make King the focus of this, the biggest blemish is ROH’s naiveté.

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