Ron Howard Teases with ‘Arrested Development’ Script Photo

Ron Howard, teased fans with a picture of an upcoming script  of Arrested Development on Twitter, Monday.

“Very very funny :-) Lots of lines for the narrator too!” Howard, the show’s narrator and executive producer, posted along with the photo.

While the image is only the cover page, we can see that the episode is titled “Michael,” the name of the protagonist played by Jason Bateman, and it is the first episode of the fourth season (number 401). The last revision of the shooting pages was on July 9, 2012.

It was previously announced that Arrested Development’s upcoming season would premiere on Netflix in 2013 with 10 episodes, released all at once. The original plan was to make each episode focus on one member of the Bluth family in a self-contained story, according to creator Mitchell Hurwitz, but he later altered his statement, explaining that the episodes are “now kind of evolving into becoming more like the old show again.”

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Howard and Bateman posted photos on Twitter from the writer’s room, confirming that the new episodes were in progress and that shooting would begin “in four weeks”—which would be approximately two weeks from now, or the beginning of August. The photos seem to have disappeared but can be found on Screen Rant.

Though a movie follow-up was also originally planned, Hurwitz seems to be staying quiet on that front—but did say that he was open to working with Netflix on further seasons, according to CBS News.

No matter what the outcome, we’re just happy that Howard, Bateman and Hurwitz are willing to share and that all these exciting teaser images aren’t just “for British eyes only…” (Charlize Theron was their best guest star ever—come on!)

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