WWE Smackdown Coverage: What a Rush

Just a day away from arguably the WWE’s biggest show, Raw’s 1000th episode, Smackdown was all about the Booyaka master himself: Rey Mysterio.

Yep, the popular high-flyer was back in the ring for the first time in 15 months.

What better place for this scene than his hometown, San Diego, California? The hot crowd definitely had themselves be heard.


1: The Prime Time Players/Hunico and Camacho (w/A.W.) vs. Primo/Epico/Kofi Kingston/R-Truth (w/Rosa Mendes): In an interestingly booked eight-man tag match, there was plenty of well-paced action. It seems WWE’s tag team division is weaning itself off life support slowly but surely. A.W. provided a distraction for Primo and O’Neil and Young took advantage to get their team the win. Good effort. The Prime Time Players escaped and The Big Show came out and senselessly feasted on the other three teams in the ring.

2: Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder: Last week’s GM was just another victim for Sandow, despite Ryder’s aggressiveness. Sandow wins.

3: Daniel Bryan (w/A.J.) vs. Kane: Wedding bells will ring on Monday night for Daniel Bryan, but that wouldn’t save Bryan from Kane, A.J.’s “psychotic” ex-boyfriend. Some good, tough back-and-forth work between the two. Kane was ready to deliver a chokeslam when A.J. jumped onto Kane from behind from the top rope to cause a DQ win for Kane. Bryan kicked Kane while A.J. held on. A.J looked into Kane’s eyes, but she let herself down and ran into Daniel Bryan’s arms outside.

4: Heath Slater vs. Road Warrior Animal: Slater brought his One Man Band act to Smackdown as he hoped for a change of luck. That luck would remain the same as Road Warrior Animal came down to the ring and made quick work of Slater as he got the win. Oh, what a rush.

5: Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero and Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Sheamus/Rey Mysterio: You know you are going to get a quality match out of these four men and it was nothing short of it. Sheamus shoved Del Rio into the ropes, which knocked Ziggler off the apron into the announce table. Sheamus was ready to deliver the Brogue Kick, but Ricardo Rodriguez held Sheamus down from outside the ring, which caused the DQ. Sheamus and Mysterio were the winners. Ziggler was ready to cash in his briefcase with Sheamus down, but Mysterio put a stop to that and delivered a 6-1-9 to Ziggler. Good match, predictable finish.

Final Thoughts: Overall, a decent show. The eight-man tag and the main event tag were the highlights of this show. Plus, the “Peep Show” segment with Daniel Bryan and A.J. was also great. It’s obvious that all of the focus is on Monday, as it should be, but Smackdown held its own.

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