Smackdown Coverage: Not Exactly A Highlight Reel Show

This week’s Smackdown was just more of the same as last week: Booker T has comfortably settled into his GM role, Jericho and Ziggler continue to brilliantly advance their feud and the lack of an overall push for Summerslam was still evident by show’s end.


1: Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes: Rhodes tried countless times to unmask Sin Cara, but Sin Cara caught Rhodes off-guard and rolled him up for the surprise pin. Interesting result, but these two worked a bit awkwardly in the ring. Mood lighting has really got to go.

2: Jinder Mahal vs. Two Unnamed Locals:
Mahal made quick work while he mocked Ryback’s gestures and mannerisms. He applied the Camel Clutch on one opponent and made him submit before the other could even tag in. Mahal then stuck the Camel Clutch on both men simultaneously. Ryback came out and hit his power moves on those same guys in a game of “Can You Top This?” Yes, it’s just a little thing, but it’s pretty clever.

3: Number-One Contender’s Match- The Prime Time Players (w/A.W.) vs. Primo/Epico: The tag champs, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth sat at the announce table to scout. Usual tag action from these guys until A.W. saw his team was in trouble and splashed the Tag Champs with a cup of water. They chased A.W. into the ring and began to beat him down as Primo hit a Frog Splash on Young and went for the cover. The official had to disqualify Primo and Epico and the Prime Time Players are now Number-One contenders.

4: Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana) vs. Christian: Cesaro got to showcase a lot of offense in a highly competitive match that felt longer than four minutes. Christian countered the Neutralizer twice and hit the spear for the win. Cesaro attacked Christian post-match. A feud would definitely help both these men.

5: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz: The Broadcast team really put over The Miz and his new “aggression.” Back-and-forth action here as Mysterio rolled up Miz to get the victory. Short and sweet.

6: World Heavyweight Championship- Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez): The original Summerslam match took place instead on this show. Well, sort of. As the match was supposed to start, a Police Team came down the entranceway. Del Rio shouted at them that he didn’t file that report and he wanted his Title match. Seconds later, he smiled and told them to attack. These “Police” were no more than hired guns. Sheamus tried to fight back, but was quickly overcome. Once the damage was done, Del Rio dismissed the henchmen and put on the Cross Arm Breaker. Effective segment, but predictable. We had to know something was up since the match was supposed to go underway with less than five minutes left in the show.

Final Thoughts: Overall, better segments than matches. Jericho’s Highlight Reel segment with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie was the best thing on this show. Their feud continues to be money. Cesaro-Christian and Mysterio-Miz were the only good matches, out of six. As far as the build for Summerslam goes, it’s been a disappointment.

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