‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: Dallas Roberts Joins Cast as Milton

With the new season of The Walking Deadfast approaching and excitement building with the announcement of Michonne and the Governor joining the fold, even more casting news is beginning to surface.

As fans will more than likely know, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the Governor (David Morrissey) are both characters sourced from the original graphic novels.

Now, the show’s creators are going a new route, casting Dallas Roberts as their completely original character, Milton, according to Entertainment Weekly’s InsideTV. Roberts has previously been seen on AMC’s Rubicon as well as CBS’s The Good Wife.

Milton is a resident of Woodbury, the community ruled by the Governor.

“Milton is the details guy,” executive producer Robert Kirkman said. “He’s the guy that works with the Governor, who is monitoring all situations and is trying to help the Governor make sense of this world that they’re living in. He’s not exactly a scientist, but he’s a smart guy that is trying to find out how zombies behave. Watching him do his little experiments is going to be a lot of fun.”

Experiments on zombies may be a classic zombie movie trope, but it’s one we haven’t really seen yet in TWD, making the addition of Milton an interesting one.

“We were examining, ‘How do people survive in this apocalyptic world, and what can people contribute?’” showrunner Glen Mazzara explained. “And we didn’t think it was plausible that every single character we meet is an efficient zombie killer. We just didn’t buy that everyone we know would be active and deft enough to kill every walker. We wanted to show how other people survive, and Dallas has come in and helped us establish that character. He just adds a lot of heart and humanity to Woodbury, which further complicates what that is. That is a real town with real people and real survivors. It’s not necessarily a group of bad guys.”

Still, the Governor isn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy, and if Milton is his right-hand man, he may not be so swell, either…

Season three of The Walking Dead premieres October 14 on AMC.

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