Playing a Mean Character on ‘Glee’ was ‘Difficult’ for Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson found herself in an acting conundrum when she accepted the role of Cassandra July on Glee, a character is mean—like really mean.

Hudson, 33, plays Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) dance teacher at the Julliard-esque university NYADA, but her character is not exactly supportive of her newest ingénue.

“Being that mean for me, it’s pretty difficult. It was challenging to keep a straight face,” Hudson said at the season four premier party Wednesday night. “I think she sees Rachel as this young, talented, cute girl, and she’s just sort of bitten with jealousy and wants to make her life a bit miserable.”

The Almost Famous actress couldn’t be more different from her character, says her on-screen rival.

“She’s the most down-to-earth, fun, laid-back person,” Michele said. “I love working with her. She’s just so spot-on and incredible.”

Well, difficult or not, Hudson knocked the role out of the park on Thursday’s season four premier. She was a seething snake of a disgruntled ex-Broadway actress.

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