South Park Episode Commentary: Sarcastaball

If you love the NFL and South Park, the mid-season premiere was an absolute blast. If you love Randy Marsh, this is another classic episode that rightfully belongs in an eventually fantastic compilation set of his adventures.

The fact that the show is written, animated and completed in less than a week has always helped it stay relevant, but this week, it’s more relevant than ever.

The continuing drama between the NFL and alumni over head injuries and replacement referees is focused on, with a beautiful irony and a hearty use of sarcasm. As a matter of fact, the entire episode is full of it. Pissed that his favorite sport is being “toned down,” Randy ends up leading a revolution against violence in the NFL, mainly due to the ineptness of the entire country. The result is a new sport, created by Randy that thrives on being nice and of course, staying safe.

The social commentary is fantastic here. Could Trey Parker and Matt Stone actually be saying that the entire country is filled with ignorant, overtly sensitive weaklings who have no idea how to communicate?

Yes. And they’re absolutely right. There’s a huge problem with parents raising soft kids and the government being concerned about the safety of professional athletes. So much that they’d rather waste time and resources on that, than fix the things that need the most repair, such as the economy and foreign relations. In typical Parker and Stone fashion, they pull zero punches, without mentioning any of the problems. It’s simply classic.

Away from the mockery of the NFL, Butters’ part in this episode is ridiculous. Going from zero to hero, Butters deals with his newfound fame and continues to cope with an issue with “wet” dreams. This opens the door for one of the weirdest situations in the history of the show. One you would have never expected Eric Cartman to play a key role in. It appears that Butters’ “mojo” or “creamy goo” is the official sports drink of this new sport.

Only in a Trey Park world would this make perfect sense.

Lets just say you’ll laugh and want to throw up at the same time.

Typical, yet unbelievable, the mid-season premiere of South Park in undeniably perfect.

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