TNA Power Rankings: Tag Teams and Knockouts Rule?

It was Open Fight Night, & grudges were to be settled, or maybe restarted as Storm called out Roode and Aries called out Bully Ray.

No titles, just bad blood.

5. Bobby Roode/James Storm: With Roode’s return, the feud is building to a final confrontation at Bound For Glory. Most assumed it would involve the title, but it looks to be a good olé fashion grudge match.

4. Tara: Tara has spent the last few months carrying and putting over Brooke Tessmacher and she’s sick of it. A beatdown of ring announcer Christy Hemme shows that, once again, Tara “ain’t the lady to mess with.”

3. The Tag Team Division: A Number One Contenders match opened the show, but was crashed by The World Tag Team Champions…of the World. Daniels and Kaz have nothing else to prove, so they continue to screw with the rest of the division. Bound For Glory will now see a Three Way for the belts, with TWTTCOTW, Styles/Angle and Chavo/Hernandez.

2. Austin Aries: He’s The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. He’s your Impact Heavyweight Champion. He came back like a house on fire in his match against Bully Ray. The only reason he’s not number one is because he will be facing…

1. Jeff Hardy: Here’s the skinny, Hardy’s contract expires soon. He recently won the BFG Series and is the only man who can realistically dethrone Aries. Jeff has done everything right since his comeback, & is in easily the best shape of his career. Look for Jeff to be holding gold after Bound For Glory.

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