Vote to Get Pro Wrestling X: Uprising Greenlighted on Steam

Dave Wishnowski’s Pro Wrestling X: Uprising is trying to get green-lighted on Steam. Check out the video below and help a fantastic indie developer make his dreams come true.

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From the developer:

Classic Nintendo 64 style wrestling fun takes its first step toward a long-awaited revival with the release of Pro Wrestling X: Uprising. Made BY wrestling fans FOR wrestling fans, this lean-and-mean no-frills debut has been developed exclusively for the PC platform from the ground up.

Pro Wrestling X: Uprising is all about the core gameplay that fans of the genre have been begging for.

Choose from a roster of unique wrestlers ranging from powerful bruisers, Mexican Lucha Libre artists, Canadian mat technicians and female grapplers. Beat the holy hell out of your opponent in single- or two-player matches with a range of strikes, grapples, submissions and aerial assaults.

Oh, and also steel chairs – gotta have steel chairs in a wrestling game!



Old school Nintendo 64 style fun and appeal!
Intiutive pick-up-and-play controls
Fight against AI or a friend in local multiplayer
Custom-built PC wrestling game engine. Not a port!
Strikes, grapples, submissions, flying attacks, turnbuckle and apron moves, weapon attacks
Out-of-the-ring action on concrete floors and high on balconies
Open and moddable art assets

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