Broxo Review: Derivative

A girl sets out to find the Peryton clan and return triumphant in aiding her family’s quest to unite the tribes. Instead Princess Zora finds only Broxo, barely a man, a desolate mountaintop and some angry undead Peryton ancestors. Zack Giallongo has an interesting premise and as a graphic novel deceivably falls into something favorable to pass the time. The problem is that it’s territory that has been tried and done better.

There are peaks of action, but they are too few to hold the interest of the reader. And each panel shows promise of adventurous sequences through the artwork that predictably fall into place. Essentially there is nothing here that hasn’t been covered better in an “X-O Manowar” story arc or a Robert E. Howard short story.

Perhaps if there were ten pages of story cut and the back-story of Broxo’s father and the Peryton clan had been extended, this graphic novel would be intriguing. After all when Broxo’s grandmother enters the picture, ironically the story comes alive. Gramma’s telling of how the clan ceased to be is fast-paced and grips the reader. The outcast with uncontrollable power, the king who rejects her it all makes for promising drama. Unfortunately Giallongo cuts the best parts of the story off just when you’re settling in for a good read.

This shouldn’t be a story about Broxo venturing into manhood and saving his clan. The central focus, the best aspects of this tale should have been exploited. Giallongo should go back and create a history of a people that was only alluded to by the most captivating characters who sadly were not richly developed.

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