NBA2K13 Review: Movin’ On Up

In 2010, 2K Sports released NBA2K11, the first game in the modern era to feature playability as the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan. This bold move was the push the 2K franchise needed in their usurpation of the previously popular NBA Live games.

Since then, 2K has been the go to game when it comes to the NBA. The last two years EA Sports has not even tried to challenge the 2K juggernaut. This year is no exception, although even without competition 2K13 delivers an alley-oop which rattles our inner baller.

NBA2K13 comes back with a vengeance from last season’s version, along for the ride are new features and game modes.

Borrowed from the basketball games of past, 2K has brought back the iso-motion stick. Letting you break ankles with all your favorite superstars, it’s a much-needed addition. Cross-overs, behind-the-back dribbles, stutter-steps and spin moves easily flow from one to the other. There is nothing quite like breaking your most hated NBA player’s ankles and then dunking on them- ah, how sweet it is.

The new features in MyPlayer mode incorporate the new trend of virtual currency replacing the old skill points with “new” skill points. The difference is that these new points are used outside of the MyPlayer mode to customize your avatar/player. Once you are finished with your player’s skills, you have plenty of time to waste currency on a new suit or other apparel.

2K13 allows players to sit down with their teams GM and demand that certain players be traded, coaches fired or just to let someone know you like the way the team performs. 2K13 allows players to sit down with their teams GM and demand that certain teammates be traded, demand extra playing time or you can channel your inner Kobe or Dwight and have your coach fired. Unfortunately no Latrell Sprewell options yet, maybe next year.

One of the biggest features is the new sneaker design interface and features. Everyone dreams of having their own shoe made. With this year’s version 2K the shoe interface is much improved and once you create the shoe you can wear it in game. You can also redesign existing sneakers in game and NIKEiD will help you get a pair of those shoes delivered to your house.

The game play is smooth defense offense and passing all flow. Even with the change of the right stick to iso-motion the old conventions of a shot stick are still there. The use of the left trigger to initiate the shot stick keeps the controls simple and avoids complications. Once settled into the new controller layout the game flows easily.

Minor glitches, mostly aesthetic, rear their ugly heads once in a while, but it isn’t much to take away from the game’s immersion.

Online play, updated rosters and a dedicated maintenance staff keep the 2K servers up with minor complications. While enjoying half time you can predict scores for NBA games that day, earning Virtual Currency for the correct predictions.

2K13 brings down the house in this new installment. Short loading times, smooth gameplay and tons of new features display why 2K holds the crown of NBA games.

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