Our Ten Best: Wrestling Matches That Need to Happen

HBK vs. Bret Hart. Taker vs. HHH. Hogan vs. Andre. There are some encounters that become part of wrestling lore and live throughout the ages. Nowadays, however, there seem to be fewer and fewer possible “dream matchups.” This is not, entirely, for lack of worthy competitors. It is simply due to the divisions of the business, preventing companies from crossing each other. However, if it was possible, we’d like to see a few of these come to fruition.

CM Punk vs. Shawn Michaels: HBK is retired, and seemingly it is legitimate. However, if he were to come back for one special match, it could be with the King of Chicago himself, CM Punk. Michaels retired when he was still in excellent physical shape, and his ability to put on a five-star match is impeccable. With Punk’s repeated calls for respect, this could be his chance. Punk could challenge and call out Michaels. Punk would be the heel in this and it would certainly be better than his recent programs. It could bubble and boil over the course of months, before finally coming to a head in a major way.

Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal: Yes, they have clashed before. However, they have yet to go head to head on a big stage. Bryan has repeatedly stated that Regal is one of his greatest influences. Put them in a Submissions-only match, perhaps even with no disqualifications, and this would be a golden opportunity for the title of “Master Grappler” to be decided.

John Cena vs. Mick Foley: Why not? If Cena can take on The Rock and Punk can take on Foley, why not intermingle? This could be a glorious way for Cena to finally turn to his dark side. Cena’s shown repeatedly that he can hang in a ruthless environment, so now it’s time for him to meet the Hardcore Legend.

Jack Swagger vs. Kurt Angle: Swagger’s repeated comparisons to Kurt Angle are fairly well-founded. Both built their characters on their fantastic amateur background. Both have face and heel personas that tend to be pretty similar (cocky and proud, just targeting different people). And both are natural athletes. This could serve as a springboard to return Swagger to his former glory and allow Angle to “make” a current star.

Kane vs. Abyss: These two monsters need to settle it. They’re underrated, underutilized and overlooked. Surprisingly agile, incredibly vicious and made of pure intimidation. If they were placed in a cage, it would quickly devolve into a bloodbath.

Jack Evans vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Amazing Red vs. Homicide: Inter-promotional Money in the Bank ladder match. Get there. This would not need to have any titles on the line. No storylines. This is simply a fantastic filler match. All of these men in their element facing off would leave the crowd breathless. They would likely invent all new aerial maneuvers.

Undertaker vs. Samoa Joe: At first glance they would seem to be polar opposites. Undertaker is a representative of WWE’s love of creating inhuman characters and personas. He is a blast from the past of the early ’90s. Joe, on the other hand, has established himself as a hard-nosed, no-nonsense competitor who feels no need for a cartoon-ish gimmick. But they have more in common than what is seen at first glance. They’re both highly respected world champions, cornerstones of their respective companies. They both take heavy influences from MMA They’re both ruthless. And they’re both legends in their own right.

Randy Orton vs. The Rock: From 2003-2005, Orton touted himself as “The Legend Killer,” a moniker that would follow him even after the gimmick had ended. Yet, there is a major veteran he still has yet to face…The Rock. The majority of the men he faced were long past their prime. The Rock is a huge exception to this. It would call for Orton to return to his heel-ish ways, which would quite frankly be a welcome change.

Batista vs. Matt Morgan: They’re both big, strong and hit like a Mack truck. This would not be a battle of mat expertise and submission holds. It would be two alpha male bulls colliding head to head to show their own dominance.

Undertaker vs. Sting: They are both multi-time world champions who have never crossed paths. It is possibly the most unlikely match on this list due to Sting’s aversion to the WWE, but the idea of it makes any fan salivate. It would be an instant classic, and a highlight for both men’s long and storied careers, no matter who comes out the victor.

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