RIPD: City of the Damned #1 Review: Stay Dead

Death is a scary subject. Nobody wants to die.For some, there does come a time when we need to go and there are those who refuse to go.

Roy Pulsipher came up with people to take of that in “RIPD: City of the Damned.

Sadly, the first issue needs one of these coppers to knock some sense into it.

Issue #1 shows the origins of how Pulsipher joins the “Rest in Peace Department.” That’s really it. Not much happens except that one event, some fighting and a small explanation of what the RIPD is. It’s not engaging in the slightest. In fact, it feels more like the background was shoehorned in just for the sake of back story and then the story just kinda waltzed in at the end. If Jeremy Barlow was trying to go for an interesting start to his comic series, he has not done his job. This origins story feels boring.

Also, the name “Rest in Peace Department” sounds a little generic and uninspired. A department made up of people sent by God to get rid of people who are supposed to be dead surely deserves a better name, right?

Tony Parker’s art also falls into the mediocre park. It has some moments that are worth looking at and show off Parker’s skill. These are mostly his choices in color and shading that give the comic its character and some background filler. The bad news is that his facial features lean towards the “don’t look too long or else you’ll be turned to stone” park. Those faces will turn Medusa to stone.

“RIPD: City of the Damned#1” is not the kind of start readers expected from this kind of concept. It’s a rushed origins story that just happens with very little interesting bits in it combined with some decent art. The next issues have some work to do in order to make people interested in this story.

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