Single Review: Bridgit Mendler: Ready or Not

Being part of the machine that is Disney, Bridgit Mendler is no stranger to hard work. Mendler is breaking out by of the familiar and releasing her debut album October 22, 2012. Aptly titled “Hello My Name Is…,” she attempts to cross the precarious bridge from teen star to and adult career with fans her own age or older.

The debut single “Ready Or Not” gives fans a look into what may be a successful pop career. She does not give her previous fans a shock by going to dark or rock and roll, while new fans will not hear the “Disney stamp” in her vocals or lyrics.

Older fans may recognize a nod to the Fugees “Ready Or Not”(1996) with the same arrangement of the chorus to that iconic song. This is a sweet, sugar-laced song that is not so contrived that it makes you want to turn it off. It is a girly summer anthem, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Mendler penned the lyrics herself, which is a smart move for a debut. It gives her credibility as an artist. Though the lyrics are not deep or particularly thoughtful, “You be my William, I’ll be your Kate…we could have a palace right next to Oprah…” is an example of what you can expect throughout the song.

Once you hear it though you will find yourself inevitably nodding your head and singing along. The production is solid and does not try too hard. It it pop lightly laced with a faint reggae rhythm. Still young and fresh but verging into a bit more adult. This is the type of Pop that is refreshing in the era Rhianna and Lady Gaga.

Subtle and fun song to be released as the debut. With the album soon to come out fans can expect a solid fun listen. Something teen girls will listen to while having slumber parties, but the Dads will inevitably be in the other room singing along.

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