TNA Power Rankings: Enter Christian York

Going into this weekend’s Turning Point, one would expect a energy go-home show to continue the company’s recent string of great programming…well, one was probably a little let down.

Thursday’s go-home Impact could have been confused for any pre-PPV Raw or Smackdown: a tag match combining the tag champs and mid-card champ against their respective challengers, as well as face-offs galore involving the others on the card.

5: ODB/Tara: This feud has brought two of the most experienced & talented Knockouts to the forefront. Despite the let down of Tara’s significant other, it allows a for a match between them and everyone’s favorite couple, ODB and Eric Young. Watching EY is never disappointing.

4: Samoa Joe/Magnus: Joe’s been tearing apart everything in his path since winning the TV strap, & Magnus has kept in-step with him the entire way. This Sunday’s match should be the blowup of this feud.

3: Christian York: The 16-year veteran was awarded a Gut-Check contract. Boy does he deserve it. York and Josh Matthews (yes, that Josh Matthews) tag teamed on the final ECW show as well as the first TNA show. He finally has his contract. He’d be higher if only there wasn’t a Mickie Rorke/Randy the Ram-ness about him.

2: Luke Gallows/Aces and 8’s: Stupid name aside (DOC?) Gallows & the rest of the gang absolutely destroyed Sting, putting him through a table & beating him with a hammer.
Gallows will face Joseph Parks at the PPV, a match that could go either way.

1: Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries: These two are going to have a ladder match at Turning Point.
That’s it. If that doesn’t excite you, stop watching wrestling.

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