TNA Power Rankings: Hammer Time

Another week of TNA brings another two hours of solid wrestling action, but plenty of drama as well across every title in the company. Who nabbed our top spot this week?

5: James Storm/AJ Styles/Bobby Roode: The three fought it out over the weekend for a No.1 contender’s spot. Storm won by pinning Styles, who now has to wait a full year for a title shot. To keep up with the monotony, Roode challenged Storm for his shot in the main event and surprise, Roode stole yet another of Storm’s title shots (yawn). AJ sulked about his loss and challenged Daniels…again. These three are the epitome of “I’m a rut.”

Screw it, Eric Young gets the 5 spot, because he’s just plain awesome.

4: Knockouts Division: Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Brooke Tessmacher and ODB fought it out in a battle royal for a No.1 contender’s spot against Tara. After some of the best women’s action in a while, Mickie James leaves with the contender’s spot.

3: Wes Brisco: Many “in-the-know” have been waiting for Brisco to do more than pall around with Kurt Angle backstage. After Angle and Garrett Bischoff were ambushed in a tag match, Brisco made the save, hopefully throwing himself into the war between TNA and Aces and 8s.

2: Announce Team: Todd Kenely, Mike Tenay, and Taz are a breadth of fresh air. Yes, there is only one new voice, but it breaks up the stale air that has built up between the classic stylings of Tenay and the inane ramblings of Taz.

1: Luke Gallows/Aces and 8’s: Now that there are some faces to the gang, their actions can be much more personal.

The hammer attack on Sting was absolutely viscous and it’s great to see that the hammer will continue to be Gallow’s “thing,” as he took out Magnus tonight.

Gallows also gets the nod, as he was officially “patched in” to Aces and 8’s tonight.

What does that mean? No one knows. Hopefully, he gets a real name. (Luke Gallows, Isaiah Cash…he’ll, even Festus).

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