Smackdown Power Rankings: A New Power Couple

Is it worse the Santino has been demoted to matches with Tensai, or the other way around? Either way, you know it’s time for Smackdown! Here’s five things that rose above the normal blue-brand mediocrity.

5. Daniel Bryan: He has the audience eating out of his hand. After obviously bring cheated out of his Funniest Moment Slammy, Bryan sipped the crowd (yet again) into a frenzy of “Yes,” as he does every week. This guy is pure gold.

4. Divas Division: After Monday’s no-title win, We finally saw Kaitlyn get her title shot against Eve. A very physical match ended with Eve getting disqualified for contact with an official. While Kaitlyn is not the best worker in the division, she is visibly trying her damnedest. Hopefully this feud is not over. A legitimate feud is exactly what the Divas need.

3. Prime Time Players: Rhodes Scholars may be the #1 contenders, but PTP are easily the most cohesive tagteam in the “E.” Young and O’Neil have all of Cryme Tyme’s personality with about 20x the talent. They may not even need the belts as this point, as they KNOW they’re the best.

2. Dolph Ziggler/AJ Lee: There’s a new power couple…and regardless of your interest, it’s allowing Ziggler the freedom he needs. No more Vickie means no more mouthpiece, Ziggler is finally speaking for himself. Whether a psychotic girlfriend will elevate him is another question, but Ziggler is finally in the mainevent.

1. The Shield: The guys in The Shield remain on a role from their PPV victory. This week, they racked up their first legitimate injuries, attacking Rey Mysterio backstage and then coming out and absolutely destroying Sin Cara’s knee. Couple that with an awesome new entrance theme and the Shield just keep getting better and better, with no sign of slowing.

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